Hi All,

As recommended by my neurologist I am now going down the Botox route for treating migraine. I have it booked for when im home December 19th. Will keep you all updated on the results.

He advised that 50-75% of patients see a large improvement. Only 1% have a worsening of symptoms. Gotta take those odds any day!

those that see improvement- did he say for mav symptoms? or was this just in regard to headaches???

He said migraine in general Sarah. He didn’t specify on vertigo or not

How are you doing?

Good luck with it! It has yet to help with the MAV in any appreciable way, but is significantly helping with my chronic basilar attacks. Let us know how it goes!

my regular neuro mentioned that it could help with vertigo but i am skeptical about that unless you only get the vertigo when u get the headaches. i am not doing well vrt and topamax have both crippled me and ruined the quality of like I have left…I can barely walk with a walker at this point. i wish i had never done either of those things but of course i am clueless and didnt know to ask if these things could make me worse. going to my otoneurologist in a couple weeks prob one last time and then i think he is going to give up on me…basically im a giant cripple thanks to my standout treatment by these supposed experts. sorry im just angry and tired and needed a vent.i honestly hate drs.!!!