"bouncing vision"

I see people say they have “bouncing” vision. How exactly can you describe that? My vision definitely seems off. It’s almost harder to focus on things far away and in the distance then things up close. Focus on things at a distance seem to jump around a bit where i cant’ really focus on one spot. Is that what you call “bouncing” vision?

For me, say I have been walking along and then when I stop it feels like things are still moving and my vision feels ‘bouncy’ for a while. It’s like you can feel and see movement when you aren’t moving anymore. I also feel like I am moving more when I get out of the car after a journey or if I go on a lift or escalator. That’s what it is for me anyway although I am sure people have different ways of describing things x

I think that’s a pretty good way to describe what I get, as ‘bouncing vision’. It has changed; used to be more of what they call fractal or kaleidoscopic vision, esp when I was very fatigued. Now instead of breaking up everywhere, it’s just all moving around & hard to focus on. This is a symptom that I’ve had for years & of course did not know it was related to the many other symptoms & to MAV.

My vision is moving 24/7. I have permanent visual snow and palinopsia

Your description is what I call “bouncing vision”. It’s oscillopsia and it can occur in a variety of ways - tiny to sweeping movements, pulsatile - movement in time with your heartbeat, it can react to any movement you make - like moving your head or walking or both. It can occur if you eat something crunchy. It can be constant or come & go. And, just like all other MAV symptoms, it can worsen when you are stressed or tired or have a cold, etc.

There are other visual issues that go along with MAV - like Nabeel mentioned, there are visual snow and palinopsia (retinal shadows that last longer than normal).

For me, the most difficult part of dealing with the visual issues is that they do not occur on a constant, consistent level. If they did, the brain could adapt. Because they can change constantly, the brain cannot adapt and ignore them. For me, I have to remind myself that they are just part of the MAV when I notice a visual change that for a split second feels new & scary but it really isn’t.

I’m sorry that you have bouncing vision.
Wishing you well - Molly

When i sit still, everything in my field of vision moves slightly- it is almost like looking through the haze of a fire. Nortriptiline has helped this symptom for me. Fortunately it doesn’t impair my functioning at all- but it is definitely annoying!!!

I have oscillopsia as well. It sucks big time and yes sitting or standing still makes it worst

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