BPPV, MAV, or something else?

I am posting this on behalf of my friend who started having symptoms lately. He is 42 y/o male, T2 diabetes since age 35, and said he had “bad headaches” as a child. Last month, he went to the ER because of spinning vertigo rolling over in bed, and the episodes persisted throughout the day. Needless to say, they told him “you have vertigo because you recently had a cold (which was true)”, gave him sinus pills, and sent him on his way. He is still having some dizzy spells, but his more recent symptoms include “sinus pressure” in his neck and face, and a “stuffy feeling” in his right ear most of the time. His most recent blood work was normal by the way. I wrote down the names of some oto-neurologists in the area, told him about MAV, and said “Ask your GP to refer you because the GP himself, ENT, endocrinologist, and ER folks will be of no use.”
Sound like MAV?