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I am so glad I found this group. I have been having these episodes that can last weeks where I feel pressure in my head and eyes, dizziness, but it is constant. car rides can be interesting, but I never feel sick. And usually never a headache per se. I have had MRI, table top test, been to ENT, neuro, vestibular specialist, have had blood pressure measured in my head and neck, which checked out fine. MY symptoms seem to fit MAV, but I have one question. Do most of you suffer headache pain during an episode? I do not.

Hi there. I’m new to the group as well. I’ve yet to be officially diagnosed with MAV, but I’m suspecting this is what I might have. My neurologist is now thinking the same thing too.

I don’t get headaches either… or should I say migraine headaches. I don’t have a history of migraines either. I’ve only had one migraine my life, which was almost two years ago and I didn’t experience any dizziness. I do get tension headaches fairly often though… especially during that time of the month.

Welcome to the group!

Nope. I have had this almost a year, and while i have had some headaches, and some periods of weird head pains, they have been very much in the minority. according to Dr Surenthiran (the UK expert) the headaches often start when the brain starts healing, not at the beginning when MAV is just starting to manifest. i have had maybe four headaches this year (none of them classic ‘migraine’, but been dizzy maybe 70% of days. so headache is not a criterion for diagnosis, in my humble opinion. i do occasionally get ‘silent migraines’ i.e. migraines with visual aura and feeling weird but no head pain. maybe 2-3 times a year.

hope that helps, and good luck. ask any questions you like - we’re here to help each other!

Interesting…there was a period between meds i was on 0 meds and the headaches were excrutiating…on the meds the headache is well controlled.

I get migraines with brainstem aura, but they appear to be random compared to constant MAV symptoms.

welcome :slight_smile: sometimes I get headaches sometimes I just get the dizzies by themselves