Breastfeeding and Horomones?

Hi there,

I’m new here and trying to figure this whole MAV thing out. I’ve actually have had this since my teenage years but never knew. Once a month before my period, I’d sometimes got dizzy and never knew why. Then, with my last pregnancy, I was dizzy here and there the last few months, gave birth, was fine and 3 days later, BAM! It hit big time and hasn’t stopped spinning. I have figured that was when my milk came in so I’m attributing horomones to be a major trigger for me. I’m struggling between meds vs. nursing and have been trying my hardest to nurse. Since just starting steroids and Inderol,I’ve been pumping and dumping just to be safe but am wondering if everytime I am nursing, if my horomoes are surging and this is causing the migraine/dizziness to continue and linger.

Do you know if this is the case?
Should I stop nursing all together to see?

Thanks in advanced!

I can sympathise with you, i also had migraine as a youngster but my doctors always told me its vertigo nothing you can do about it. Anyhow after my first baby i got a spell of daily vertigo for about 3 weeks before it would settle, make appearances and settle again once your body adjusts to the hormones it should settle down, just to say i can relate as i was never offered anything in those days for the spins. good luck, Lorraine

Give up the breastfeeding> It will probably get slightly worse when you first give up but once you get your periods back it should go back to less frequent attacks. Love Lara

Thanks Laura, I think I will. Am meeting with ob/gyn tomorrow to see about getting meds to dry my milk up. Do you know why it might get worse after I quit? Do horomones surge again?

Mine started when I started weaning my kids - dizzy for about a month after the first, totally disabled after the second kid. Anyway, it seems everyone is different. I wasn’t dizzy at all while pregnant or nursing.

I had to stop nursing suddenly with my second kid b/c I wasn’t well enough to sit up. The engorgement sucked for a few days, but that’s all.

Good luck. At least the kids are worth it:)

Thanks girls for sharing your experiences. I have made the hard choice to stop and hoping it will help. I’ve also yet to start my period and am very curious to see if things will calm down. My dr gave me parlodel to stop and I had the weirdest experience with that so am going to dry up the old fashioned way.
Laying here dizzy and engorged is no bueno!