Broken links

Anyone know where we can now find these links?

The site has been migrated multiple times, and I believe these links were associated with a time before mvertigo even used the modern Discourse engine and it seems they weren’t all automatically migrated. (we should be thankful at least most of the threads made it across? :slight_smile: )

link one: I’ll have a dig in the site archive I have to see if I can unearth the pdf at least …

link two: The second link will be harder to trace as it’s in a format used by the old forum engine ( Eeek, it offends the eyes! :dizzy_face:) which has long since gone, the code almost certainly means nothing to the current database :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. The good news is that that thread probably does exist somewhere on the site still, but the URL will be totally different. See if you can track it down (the user gives you a clue?). As admin I should be able to edit the post if you let me know both the post and the intended target.

Simon I have found the pdf, can you point me to the thread where it is linked?

edit: Was it this one?

If so I’ve already restored the file and provided a new link

I believe it was from the 10 commandments post, here:

well done and thank you, youre a star!

simon that’s a search, can you be specific about the actual thread/post and have you any idea what the target thread/post might be?

I do apologise, here:
Post: elishat27, taken from:

DO YOUR HOMEWORK, PART II. Thoroughly read the information on this forum. There is a wealth of evidence-based information here for you to digest including reports from the science literature, commentary from specialists and fact sheets from respected clinics. You will learn much from this forum. Don’t just read the posts from other members. Here’s a good place to begin:

aha! so the mystery depends … we need to find that target post … it will still exist somewhere … is it one with a lot of embedded links to documents? (which btw, will likely be broken, but we may be able to fix them)

we need to find somehow and update the link, the thread will almost certainly still exist.

Seems that when they did the migration from phpBB to Discourse (well before my time) the script sadly didn’t seem to have migrated all the links properly and didn’t retain the document links (I believe there are more mature scripts available these days, but thats moot), but I have the complete archive of the old documents, its just a case of re-uploading in priority order.

as for the link itself, I don’t believe I ever saw it, so couldn’t give you any more information than that.

thanks, keep up the good work!