Bummed with the Spins

Hi I’m new to this site. I’ve been researching MAV and migraines more so recently since I’ve been stuck with the same spell for almost a month now. I’ve been to two neurologists and last week I saw an ear nose and throat doctor. They confirmed last week that I have MAV which was pretty much a “nah, really?” diagnosis to me. I’ve tried numerous anti-seizure medications, two blood pressure medications, vitamins, anxiety medications used for dizziness… the works. Nothing has worked and I’ve been out of work for these three weeks with this migraine/ dizziness. The pain I can deal with, the dizziness is what is killing and preventing me from doing anything. I miss having a life and being able to physically enjoy being 20 years old. I’m worried about losing my job and school starts back up the 22nd and I have no answers. I need a solution but while looking up answers all I’m finding is that people are having to deal with MAV. There is no solution except for things that I’ve already tried with no relief.

Does anyone else have these “spells” that last for weeks at a time? If so, how on earth do you live with them and what has helped you??? I’m going out of my mind here so please help.

Hi Dizzymiss,

welcome to the board. How long have you trialled the various meds? Were you taking then prior to the dizziness?

S 8)

The dizziness has always been a present factor. I’d be on each medication for months at a time. The first one (topirimate) I was on for years till it stopped having any positive effect. Then when my doctor upped that dosage I started getting bad side effects. Each medication would have some effect (I think it was just a placebo effect) for a while then stop… now nothing is working at all and I’m stuck.

If you suspected possible benefit from Toprimate, why not try sodium valproate or epilim?

I’m on zonisamide now, I started that last thursday. My neurologist hasn’t mentioned that one though. I can tell one thing, since starting this new medication the pain is intensifying.