Bumped up to 60mg!

Saw my ENT doctor yesterday (who is quite familiar with Baloh) and he whole-heartedly agreed with his assessment and is working collaboratively with Baloh in medically managing me.

Per Baloh’s notes, he bumped up the Celexa to 60mg and we will give this a shot for a couple of months.

If not success, we will try the next med.

Along those lines, is there a common sentiment regading the most prevalent migraine treatment medication (and appropriate dosage) after I try the Celexa?

I am trying to be pro-active here.

Also, is there harm in mixing the two cocktails together to “start the clock” on the other med as well?


If you were to read Dr. Hain’s website, he recommends AntiConvulsants as first line treatment for Migraine…I think Topomax his favorite in that department. Have you been to his site?
I know many doctors will prescribe a TCA (tricyclic) antidepressant with an SSRI…my question is this: If you aren’t needing your serotonin tweaked, it doesn’t mtter how much Celexa you take…it isn’t hitting the
right neurotransmitter. I think that’s why so many doctors start out with Nori or Ami, since they both hit NE and SERO…I know Dr Hain is a big fan of Effexor, and even though that supposedly hits sero at low doses, the
drug gets into NE after 75mg I think…
You are very patient, and I know it’s hard not to put your faith in a migraine guru and follow through with his protocol, but I’ve learned to trust myself and my instincts when a med isn’t right for me. ON the plus side, you aren’t experiencing any negative side effects, so that is a bonus.
HOw long have you been on Celexa now? 5 weeks or so?

I am at about 4 weeks at 40mg…no changes whatsoever.

One of our neurologists that works at our hospital actually trained under Dr. Baloh.

I will walk up to his office and have him read Baloh’s notes and see what he thinks regarding starting a new medication at this point (in addition to the one I am on)



Todd - at least you are stepping up the proactive dynamic of your treatment which I think is probably the key to so much of this… we bang on the doors of the specialists and force them to pick their brains which is sometimes outside their comfort zones or the usual box that they practice in. My neuro told me she’d never had any patients that got freezing cold on topamax - well, NOW she has! I’m picking her brains tomorrow and asking for what I think might work (low dose of klonopin) added to the topamax which is very effective if I’m not freezing. Keep it up… may the 60mg. be the key to banishing the dizzies. If not, there are other SSRI’s, SNRI’s, blood pressure/calcium channel blockers, ant-convulsants, benzos, etc. So many meds so little time since we want to be better NOW. Again, hang in there. Keep up the reports - I find it informative as I’m sure others do as well.

Ahhh…one of the luxuries at working at a hospital and knowing the providers :slight_smile:

I am scheduled to see Baloh’s protege in a week and a half (could have seen me earlier, but I was busy :smiley: )

I am going to ask him about adding cocktails to this current treatment plan and see what his thoughts are. I will bring along Baloh’s clinic notes for him to ponder.

Will keep you guys posted…thanks for all of the well wishes.

I wish I had as much confidence as you guys do for me :?

Your dizzy friend in Spokane, Todd