Burning soles of feet

In the past few days l have awful burning of soles of my feet at night, and it has stopped me from sleeping.
Rung my neurologist and it states in his form that l have early signs of peripheral neuropathy, which is damage to nerve endings. I wonder if this has anything to do with MAV, or any way related? I have an appointment with him in 2 weeks.
I just hope it’s not MS. I just couldn’t get through that. Sick is being sick. First MAV and now this. :frowning:

Very very sad.


I also get this every other night or so… ts a strange thing that only happens at night, and I have been trying to figure out WHY???

Drugs like Topamax and Diamox can cause this. Whatever drugs you are using, you might want to look at the side effects.

Hi Sue
This began for me last year about 5 months after developing MAV (but not diagnosed at that stage). I’ve had burning soles of my feet at night for a year now but only when I lie down in bed!! Had some weird diagnosis from the docs early on then eventually, when plaques formed on the soles of my feet a dermatologist diagnosed psoriasis probably caused by the stress of MAV. However, the dermatologist insists that the burning feet are not related to the psoriasis. He has spoken with other dermatologists & they have never come across the two being connected.
My doc diagnosed peripheral neuropathy and when I saw Dr Granot in Sydney for MAV treatments he did loads of tests on my feet & legs and all reflexes were fine & he was unable to find the cause of the burning feet at night. It is a real pain because when you have MAV the one thing you want to do is just get some sleep & forget it all!!
Dr Granot said that the tricyclic antidep. he prescribed (Prothiaden) might help which I think it has, to a degree, now I’m on a higher dose (100mg) + half an Ativan I get to sleep quicker.

My crazy bedtime routine is: soak feet in cool water for quarter of an hour, dry & moisturise, get into bed have covers off my feet and if I’m lucky I get to sleep. If I don’t, I get up and repeat the routine.
My doc also prescribed Lyrica for the burning soles of feet which I haven’t tried yet as I already take enough drugs to open a chemist shop! (I now take methotrexate for the psoriasis + the MAV drugs, + high blood pressure tabs, + thyroxine for hypothyroidism!!)
Let us know what your neuro recommends - don’t worry about MS it’s probably just nerve endings being extra sensitive I think.

What worries me, is lately my MAV has settled and l have felt like my normal self in that regars, and l have been out with the mums and then again with friends, so two big drinking sessions within a month. I drank more than l normally would at home, to the point when both times l have had to stay on bed feeling sick, which is unlike me. I hope l have got Alcoholic neuropathy. How would they diagnose this anyway?

You see l am have major anxiety over this over the past 2 days, because l don,t want to suffer with burning feet for the rest of my life, and fear it may get worse.

Sue :frowning: