Burst blood vessels in eye/s

Hey all, I know are eyes are strained a lot from all the mav crap we go through, do you guys get burst blood vessels a lot? I know I do and it don’t look pretty! Pain behind the back of the eye too stabbing pain is pretty normal. Both eyes seem to take turns of which is affected lol

I had this only a week ago and I thought it was my cold and I just sneezed too hard,
but thinking of it now, could be another symptom ?! :roll:

Yes I get this and it has been quite a lot recently. I think it is a sign of migraine x

Me too x

I think i read that when migraine is bad it can make the eyes very bloodshot, mine often get like it :confused:

Oh okay makes sense then! Thanks guys :slight_smile: so if I’m not feeling dizzy but have the burst blood vessels it must mean the medication is stopping the other symptoms … I usually get them after a particularly strenuous day or bad patch