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Well, folks, believe it or not, I’m headed to prison next month for a few months. It has been almost a decade waiting for an old legal issue to resolve and it finally has. And in a total surprise to everyone involved, the judge wanted to “set an example” with me and gave me time. At least it’s just a “camp” and it’s only a few months.

So… going to prison with vertigo??? Not my idea of a good time. Not only that, they don’t really like the drugs I’m taking and I can’t take anything at night AT ALL.

So, friends, I need some help. Who has tried Buspar??? They seem to like that one. My best friend Klonopin is out. As is my insomnia drug trazadone (I’ve been on that for 30 years!) I’m thinking I will end up on Amitriptyline and Buspar.

Anyone have any experience with that combo? And Buspar in general?

Thanks for your help! I will miss you! (No internet in the slammer, alas.)


Shazam, shit! This invisible disability thing is BS. As is, in my opinion, the majority of the US penal system.

Good luck and Godspeed to you.


Sorry to hear, you were my inspiration as we were on similar drugs. Ami + Effexor and you were doing well.

Not sure about Buspar but you can give Celexa or Sertraline a try provided it is permitted. Celexa is favoured for VM by Dr.Baloh.

You can go higher on Amitriptyline.

What is their problem with Effexor , Buspar is alright but Effexor is a no ?

klonopin is the No as a controlled substance.

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Damn Suzanne, as if VM alone isn’t hard enough! Guess telling the judge that you’ve been in VM prison wouldn’t apply toward time served? Come back and tell us how you are doing and best wishes!


I think Effexor will be fine. And Amitriptyline. But nothing at night for sleep. And Klonopin is my go-to drug!

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Melatonin is another choice.

Magnesium glycinate can help sleep

Higher dose Amitriptyline is your best bet.