C5-C6 Cervical Spine Issues

Greetings all and long time no hear to a lot of my friends. :smiley:

Yes, still dealing with this shit…but yes, I am still a “fighter” and trying every possible angle out there!!!

I just had a 3D CT Scan with Contrast today.

The major finding (at least from what I can interpret) was:

“Spondylosis of the cervical spine creates SEVERE appearing canal stenosis at C5-C6.”

First, does this mean anything to anyone?

Second, could this have anything to do with 6 straight years of light headed, foggy, ears ringing, fatigue, you know the drill.

Would love to hear your thoughts…the good, bad and ugly :shock:



(I stole this from a previous post…I am trying to dot the I’s and cross the T’s and make sense of something that has not made sense to me in years. Perhaps I am on to something finally??? :twisted: )

Hi Colleen,

Neck pain and “knots” in the muscles of the neck and shoulders are primary problems for me – and it’s all migraine. I can cause neck pain within hours if I simply eat a migraine-trigger food or expose myself to the fumes of a cleaning product. Within an hour the muscles in my neck become very sore to touch. It seems like they hurt from overuse - that’s the illusion. But migraine causes this, trust me.

Cervicogenic dizziness is very rare and requires a major physical trauma to the neck to occur.

Massage can relieve the neck tension and pain created by migraine but it’s temporarary until the next trigger sets it off again. It took me a long time to realise it, that pouring thousands of bucks into physio, chiro or massage feels good and may even promote a period of relative dormancy on the migraine front, but it is no permanent cure.


Hey Todd,
Spondylosis is degeneration of the bones and discs in the spine, sometimes referrred to as osteoarthitis in the spine.
Stenosis is a narrowing.
I have had similar turn up on CT and had thought all my symptoms were from this. BUT the neuro said everybody has some degeneration and of all
age groups. They also thought symptoms would be going down my arms rather than the other way up into my head.
Do you get pain, numbness, pins & needles, muscle weakness?
I’d started taking magnesium (diglycinate) for bone spurs at C5/6, now see it’s recommended for migraines.
do you have a family history of migraine?
The neck thing really wasted time and was a bit of a red herring because i am still not diagnosed.
Doc said should be seeing a neurologist, not neurosurgeon??what??
can’t face docs at moment, last week tried to find new, understanding one and it ended in disaster, feel I may be at risk of getting locked up ha ha :roll: