Caffiene alternatives

Since most of us have to avoid caffeine like the plague has anyone found any natural alternatives to boost your energy. I’ve tried B12 and havn’t noticed any difference. Obviously there is no quick fix but if anyone has found some sort of food or supplement that has worked any advice would be appreciated.


I took a multivitamin with siberian ginseng in it (Blackmores) when I was trying to get over the tiredness of the beta-blockers and I think that really helped - pretty sure it was the ginseng as I had been taking the same formulation minus the ginseng before. It had 2g of siberian ginseng in it and I took one a day

ps I don’t work for blackmores :smiley:

Thanks lorcalon

Swimming about as long and as hard as I can 3x a week has worked wonders for my energy.

yep, it was definitely the ginseng. I had another one of those multis today as we had loads to do in the garden and I really noticed the lift in energy

an shattered now though after a weekend of heavy garden work and tree burning