Calcium deficiency

Hi, I’ve just realised that over the last 2 years that I am well down on my calcium intake eg I just drink a small amount of milk. So any ideas as to how I can supplement ?

Hi Fiona

Have you tried calcium tablets from Holland and Barrett? I think they do ones combined with magnesium. Also, Rice Dream do one fortified with calcium, which is ok on cereal.

Other calcium rich foods are tinned salmon with bones, cooked rhubarb, fortified porridge, spinach, tofu, almonds, and quite a lot of beans I think.

I’ve been wondering the same thing a propos my total abstinence from dairy. We don’t really want to throw osteoporosis into the mix!

DizzyIzzy x

I’ve a definite need to increase my calcium intake, because I learned I have osteopenia. My primary care doc said the simplest thing is to take Tums two-three times a day. (Minty chalk tabs for acid stomach, if you’re unfamiliar with them.)

I think a good thing to do is take magnesium and calcium supplement that come together. They work well off each other, and magnesium is good for migraineurs!


FYI - We need to have adequate Vitamin D in order for the calcium to be absorbed - that’s why a lot of the calcium supplements include Vitamin D.

A simple blood test will indicate whether Vit D deficiency is a factor.

thanks all have taken the advice

Magnesium and calcium, I have read, should be taking separately as they will compete with the receptor sites in the body. Green veggies, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D are good for osteoporosis as is boron, vitamin k2. Make sure PH level in your body is not leaning toward the acidic due to a heavy concentration of meats, processed food, soda or caffeine. The body relies on the calcium to buffer the acid, if there is not enough calcium, it will pull it from your bones. Also weight bearing exercise very important.