Calling any VRT experts!

Anyone who knows about VRT exercises - wondered if you could answer me a quick question please.

When it says that I need to do 10 reps, for example looking left and right, do I need to pause between each one (like left, right, pause. or left, right, left, pause)? Or am I supposed to go left, right, left, right, left, right, etc until I’ve done 10 each side? I don’t want to be doing them wrong, and I think I must have been on information overload by the time Dr S told me how to do them because I can’t remember.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Sally,
Generally you do them continuously and the idea is to increase the speed over time as tolerated for each set of repetitions.
Good luck and keep us posted!


Have a look at this thread at Healthboards. This was a very good write up by a VRT therapist from “Balance Chicago” on how to do it all. I think you might find it helpful:

Scott 8)

Thanks Lisa :slight_smile:

I was advised by the3 PT training me that at least one of them should involve pauses. That’s where I sit, bringing schnozz to knee and back up, five times; then pause. Then to other knee five times; then pause. Then repeat. The other exercises I was given to do continuously, but hell, if something’s making me dizzy, I slow down, or pause, as needed.