Can a neuro-otologist order an MRI?

Dumb question of the year award…

I’m seeing Dr Surenthiran on Wednesday; can he order MRIs? Does it have to be at the Medway hospital or can it be done at my local hospital, as I actually live an hour and a half away from there?

Yes. Mine did.

thank you :slight_smile:

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Ask the doctor if he can order the MRI to be done at a facility near your home. (Take the name, address, and phone number of the desired facility with you to the appointment, to make it easy for the doctor’s staff to call it in if they’re willing.)

good idea; thank you

Dr S is great; he’s my consultant too. he can order an MRI if he thinks you need one. just ask him if you can have it done locally if he does think it necessary.

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seeing him tomorrow, looking forward to it :slight_smile: