Can I please have some advice? Pretty scary times

Hi guys,
I haven’t had this condition long at all but it has become my obsession over the past week to find out what I have. I recently moved to France after finishing my degree to live with my girlfriend. I started at a rugby club here as I played in Australia and needed to find some friends. I ended up going out with them over a week ago and took poppers with them. It was my first time using it and my girlfriend later informed me what it is used for. I woke up the next morning and my legs fell from underneath me… I was very sick and spent the rest of the day in bed. The following day I was a bit better but over the next few days I developed a vicious migraine that has not left me with a day of peace since.
I have read many articles on the importance of helping the brain to recompensate with the vestibular nerve, however, I also feel that my movements are causing me to have these migraines and all I want to do is sleep. The doctor prescribed me with antivertigo medication, however, it has been noted that due to the supressing effect this drug has on the vestubular system it can impair the process of recallibrating… Due to reading this I stoped the medication as i didn’t feel it was helping me anyway.
I have blurry vision when I move my head, however this has gotten slightly better over the past few days and an unrelenting headache that makes me want to cut off my head. I feel as though keeping active (trying to help the vestibular damage) is causing my migraines and i feel that if i rest (to help the migraines) i will not get my full balance back and eliminate the dizziness…I feel it is a double edged sword.
Does this sound like MAV? And should I wait a few weeks before seeking help from a neurologist? Thankyou so much in advance.

PS. I am a 23year old male. Have had a few migraines, the first being in 2003. I was dizzy one time before after a big night on tequila, although it only lasted 2 days. And I’m sure it’s not BPPV as i do not have a particular side that makes me more dizzy. After a shower I also feel alot better, as though the pressure has released. Thanks guys!

Sorry you are having a hard time. I’m not sure what poppers are, but I think any substance can be a trigger to a sensitive,migraine brain. I found the book, “heal your headache” to be very helpful and informative. It really helps to define what migraine is as well. You should find a good neurologist, preferably one who specializes in migraine. Since you have a history of it, it will most likely be a part of your life.
There is a ton if info on this site, and the people here are caring and understanding.
Good luck and keep us posted!

Hey Sam – just answered your PM on this. Sounds like you’ve kicked off a migraine that won’t let up complete with new vestibular symptoms.