Can I take Topiramate if I am allergic to sulfa drugs?

I have anaphylaxis when I have taken sulfa drugs in the past and am concerned when I read Topiramate contains a sulfa component. I have also read that people that have sulfa allergies are able to take this. I am not sure what to do now, because I am finding contradictions on the web. I am going to start 25 mg. in a few weeks and want to make sure it’s ok to start. If anyone can help, I would be grateful.


I would definitely ask the pharmacist about this - they know all about drug allergies and which meds might not be good for you. I am also allergic to sulfa and was prescribed this med by my doc - they never mentioned anything about allergy. I am trying something else first just because the side effects scared me. But, call the pharmacist.
Oh, you could also start lower than 25 mg as well.
Good luck!


Interesting, I never knew about this. I am on 100mg Topiramate and also allergic to sulfa meds. I’ve never had any issues and wasn’t told about any interactions or concerns about it when I was prescribed the meds by my doctor and they know about my allergy as does the pharmacist.

Don’t let the side effects scare you too much, Julie, this med has been a life changer for me and many others on this board. You may not get hit with hard side effects.

Thank you Anne. If it comes to it I will try it. Glad that it has worked so well for you.