Can nortriptyline cause more headaches?

I wondered if anyone has found that nortriptyline actually gives them headaches as a side effect. I have been taking it for 3 weeks and am only at 15mg per day. I seem to have had more actual headaches than normal since I started taking it - my problem is dizziness rather than headaches. I wondered if anyone has found headaches to be a side effect of the nori? x

Hi jem,

Yep me - at the beginning - touch wood not so much now- how long have you been taking it? X

Hi Anna

I have been taking it 3 weeks and I am only on 15mg per day so far. How long did you get headaches for and when did they stop? x

Ok , just looked back at mav diary! The headaches were the worst in the first 3 weeks of taking it at which point I was up to 20mg - above that they became less - I still have them now , not as frequently though - are you starting to get any relief yet? What are your main symptoms? X

I got relief from my neck pain straight away, I am not sure about the dizziness because I suffered a huge relapse in august which took me back 3.5 years to the beginning again dizzy wise. I am possibly a tiny bit less dizzy than last week but still very dizzy. I will keep on with the nori for now then and I will try upping the dose to 20mg next week. I am so hoping they work and also that they don’t cause me headaches. Are you improving? x

That’s great it took your neck pain away. And if it has improved your dizzys even a tiny bit that’s good too. It’s so hard to be positive in this hell that we’re in isn’t it. So I’m on week 8/9 and like you, I feel slightly better - nothing fantastic though. The one symptom that seems to have completely gone is the bouncing after riding in elevators (I take alot as I have a double buggy!) - the ‘quick spins’ seemed to have decreased and now appear when I am in a ‘sticky situation’ (for me flourecent lights are awful) but I am still incredibly off balance - all day every day - yuuk! X

Yes it’s the constant nature of it that’s so bad isn’t it. I really never thought it would happen all over again for me even though I was never symptom free. Each day is so tough at the moment and I don’t even have to do anything. All I can manage is washing the dishes and a very quick walk to get some fresh air with my partner. My mum came over yesterday and sitting and talking to her was absolute hell. I was so off balance, dizzy and just desperate to lie down on my own again. I find that part of it so isolating that talking to people and having anyone around me makes me so dizzy. It’s such a weird thing! Anyway, I hope the nori works for us Anna. I guess you are further along with the doses than me. I have just got my prescription for another 100 tablets so here goes… I will increase on Monday I think. Let me know how you progress Anna x