Can someone explain to me?

Can someone explain to me (in medical or clinical terms) why my hearing gets extremely faint in one ear during a rough patch…like I am in right now?

Not deaf like a Menieres patient, and it always comes back perfect, but it is like I have a hornets nest buzzing around in there right now…which leads to very, very, very full ears , which lead to compromised hearing.

Is this “normal” for MAV…as if I know what normal is anymore :?

Thanks for helping!


I have MM, not MAV. But you don’t necessarily go deaf during a MM attack. The degree of hearing loss can vary greatly. I have had the type of hornet’s nest symtpom you describe, and have had profound loss at times. The feeling of fullness is definitely there during an attack. Are you sure you only have MAV and not MM (or some component like cochlear hydrops)?


I’ve only ever had episodic tinnitus but there are some with migraine who report what you’re saying. I know a girl here in Sydney who gets this. No permanent hearing loss but is convinced she has MM after being diagnosed about 8 years ago in Brazil. She has everything pretty much under control on Lexapro. IMO she has migrainous vertigo and nothing else.

This article shows that cochlear dysfunction apparently shows up in some migraineurs and we know that hearing loss can also occur.

[size=130]Cochlear Dysfunction Apparent in Migraineurs[/size]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Otoacoustic emission testing, which allows monitoring of minute changes in cochlear status, shows dysfunction of cochlea and cochlear efferents in patients with migraine, Turkish researchers report in the April issue of Cephalalgia.

“We unraveled a mechanism that leads to problems with discrimination of tones and lateralization of sound, particularly in a noisy environment, in patients with migraine,” lead investigator Dr. Hayrunnisa Bolay told Reuters Health.

“This novel finding,” she added, “could be one of the mechanisms underlying increased sensitivity and discomfort to auditory stimuli in migraineurs.”

Dr. Bolay and colleagues at Gazi University Hospitals, Ankara, conducted otoacoustic emission and other testing in both ears of 53 patients with migraine and 41 controls. Both groups showed normal distortion product otoacoustic emission functioning of the inner ear at frequencies between 1 and 4kHz.

Among other findings were that in controls, the mean amplitudes of transiently evoked otoacoustic emissions showed a significant decrease in response to contralateral sound stimulus. However, this was not the case in the migraineurs.

“The data,” continued Dr. Bolay, “provide evidence for subclinical nervous system abnormality that is widely distributed from the cerebral cortex to the neuromuscular junction, and would probably be a characteristic underlying susceptibility to migraine attacks.”

“I think,” she concluded, that “dysfunctional central mechanisms modulating the cochlear activity demonstrate another aspect of the migrainous brain in handling sensory signals.”

Cephalalgia 2008;28:309-317.

By chance did you get a virus or infection before all this started?
I did, and my MRI shows some damage around the 7th and 8th cranial nerve, which my doctor thinks is causing some of this…
a different thought…

I don’t know the explanation for why and how, other than migraine can and does affect all the senses. I’ve found my sensation of touch/feeling often affected with numbness, tingling etc but hearing only once. It lasted several days and the feeling was of muffled, distant sounds as though I were in a cone of silence.


Yep, feels like someones put a bucket over my head. Muffled buzzing feeling in the ear or ears. I have been diagnosed with endolyphatic hydrops and menieres then told I didnt have menieres (they never really knew), but its all to do, so they say with the fluid in the ears and the flow of blood to the ears, so that would probably tie in with the MAV as well. The serc is supposed to drain the fluid from the ears and increase the blood flow. I have been on it for so many years now I cant remember. Not sure how much good it is doing but I notice I get a lot worse when I come off it.



So…my hearing in my left ear has dropped to almost nil. This is in conjunction with very numb lips, burning sensation in extremities, and an overall increase in fogginess / fatigue.

This happened about 2 months ago (exact same thing) and ultimately dissipated and my hearing came back 100% :slight_smile:

I am still on Celexa at 40mg and I have now bumped my Xanax back up to try and get some relief.

I just do not get it? I went out this past weekend and had a great time…feeling pretty damn good. Did not eat anything horrible and then bammm.

I try to be so logical and thorough with my thinking with this shit…but nothing makes sense anymore :?

I guess I just wait it out and try to get back to my baseline…ughh

— Begin quote from “Go Gonzaga”

I just do not get it? I went out this past weekend and had a great time…feeling pretty damn good. Did not eat anything horrible and then bammm.

I try to be so logical and thorough with my thinking with this shit…but nothing makes sense anymore :?

— End quote

Correctomundo my dizzy friend - sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason. :frowning:

Hi Todd,
I too have these symptoms on a daily basis.
I’m a maver, aura the whole shebang!
I have some low range hearing loss, and often find it hard to hear people talking, I have to ask them to speak up.


No tintinus here, but apparently some permanent hearing deficit. OTOH, I’m 61, and drove motorcycles for over 25 years (full-face helmet–but I later learned that you need ear plugs as well if you don’t want hearing loss) so I can’t attribute anything to MAV per se.

Sorry if i am not posting this to the right area----I am new to these discussion groups. I am wondering if there have been any studies linking MAV to flu vaccines. In Oct of 09 i received the seasonal flu vaccine and soon afterward my symptoms began. In Jan. of 10 i had the H1N1 vaccine and by the end of Jan I was no longer able to work. I have had MRI, MRA, spinal tab, EEG and my inner ear tested, EKG – all negative. I ended up at the Mayo Clinic in May of 10 and was diagnoised with Chronic Subjective Dizziness which was possibly due to A-typical migraines. I don’t get headaches----if i walk out of my comfort zone (which at best is a slow walk–at the worst it is little baby steps) i lose balance and my eyes feel like they are connected to springs and and my vision jumps around wildly. I have been on several different medicines and done the rehab but so far nothing seems to help. Before the flu shots i was never on any medications and was health as a horse. I can’t help but think the flu vaccines had something to do with my condition. Any comments would be appreciated.

Hi Tom,

You might want to post your story in the ‘post your story’ thread listing your history and symptoms that way everyone will see it.

I have never ever heard of a migraine/flu vaccine connection. Migraine is a genetic brain condition. Nothing ‘causes’ it but there are triggers which can set off migraine.