Can this be MAV?


Im a 31 year old male from Norway, have the last 6 months suffering from a rocking feeling when im walking, also when i sitt still it feels like im beeing pushed to both sides and feels like im swaying. I have never had a vertigo spin, never been nauseous. Doctors took all kind of blood tests, MRI of brain, tested for Lyme. I had also had therse brain zaps sometimes last 1 second maybe, have floaters in eyes, one time i gad this aura migraine with a blinking thing in eye lasted for 20 min.

Feel often very tired and sometimes get this derealisation feeling like im not there in a way, feeling strange.
Have also some tickeling numbness in my foot and arm sometimes. My neck is often getting worse when stressing.

Can this be MAV ?

Hello Endless River,
I do not know for sure, but it could be MAV. Have you seen a neuro-otologist?

Yes, i have seen, cant find any symptoms on any neurological diseases. I have very seldom headache, the most annoying is this floating rocking feeling in body and head. All the other things i can live perfectly with. The neuro otologist gave me some medicine, 10mg Sarotex and to take 1 per day. She said it can help. Didnt try it yet because im in general sceptical to medicines. Sorry for my english, it isnt perfect :slight_smile: