Can TMJ Disorder Cause MAV?

My GP told me I probably have TMJ disorder. She also said it is possible my TMJ is causing migraines. I am not sure how they are linked. Is it really possible for a mild case of TMJ disorder to cause almost constant rocking sensations, neck pain, ear fullness, tinnitus, ear pain, head pressure and inability to think clearly?

I believe I do clench my teeth together at night and have been told my back teeth are worn down, but no jaw pain or pain when I chew. I also have one particular small spot on the back, left side of my neck that is very painful to the touch. (The pain radiates up to my “bad” ear.)

What is the mechanism whereby TMJ disorder can cause such horrible vestibular symptoms?

Hi Kennedy,

WOW - the timing on your post was freaky. I just got diagnosed with TMJ today from a CT scan and some pretty classic symptoms which I’ve had for years. I’d love to know if there’s a connection too.


From what I have read, TMJ can cause migraine. And well migraines can cause dizziness. So very probable.

On phone, so short answer: TMJ connection is apparantly due to pressure on the trigeminal nerve. I have very bad TMJ which is managed with a splint. Have done for over 20 years. Personally experience no migraine connection but believe others do.

Same here. I have TMJ as well. Maybe TMJ is more common among us mav’ers than we know. I clench my teeth together while I’m sleeping. One tooth is already cracked. I need a mouth guard so I don’t crack anymore …that night guard should go well with my c pap machine. :mrgreen:

I have tmj and wear a splint 24/7 for 2 years. I have just started getting new symptoms pressure in the side of face/ head/ cheek and eye, burning sensation in the same place on my scalp, vertigo, headaches, fatigue etc but don’t know why because I have been doing well with splint. Do you think I have mav as well as tmj?

Suggest you guys read my very old post. I thought TMJ was my issue. Turned out it, and the dizzy/rocking sensation, was Lyme

It is gone today with proper treatment. Note my update further down this tread.



TMJ can act as a trigger but not the cause for migraine.