Can too much Nortripyline been negative?

Hi all,

I have had dizziness issues for 7 years now since I was 23 and had been through the usual specialists and then saw Dr. S last Dec.He mentioned MAV and after a few test put me on Nort, which even at 10mgs had a good affect initially but I struggled with the dry mouth etc. But I soon went up to 20mgs and the 30mgs but felt terrible, so stayed 10mgs for a few months and slowly got back to 30mgs & 40mgs where I felt good for a couple of months but had terrible constipation. Once that tapered off I started feeling slightly worse again and have slowly gone up by 5mgs since July and haven’t any improvement. Should I back down to 30-40mgs for a while or should I keep going up by 10mgs every 6 weeks?

I last saw Dr S in June and mentioned then I thought I was temporary going for a bad patch but still felt better than before and he thought I was nearly there, but it’s all gone back down hill now. I guess I should get back and see him again once I get 70mgs, like he said.

Is anyone else on high dosage of Nort and is it working?

Sorry to ramble guys and thank you any help in advance.