Can Topamax make Balance Worse!

Can’t work out what’s happened. Going OK on 37.5mg Topamax - getting the usual headaches,nausea, dizziness but noticing some improvements with balance and more energy.
Then a couple of days ago, out of the blue, I went to stand up & suddenly lost my balance - staggering & reeling all over the place & haven’t stopped since! Now I can’t walk around the house without looking for something to hold on to (sure you’re all familiar with that scenario!). Haven’t been this bad for nearly a year, even pre-Topamax, so why now?
Wondered whether any of you have experienced a med suddenly stop working and/or making symptoms much worse? Also wondering whether there’s any connection with starting on Ventolin for persistent cough.
Waiting to see what Dr Granot’s view is!

Hi Barb, so sorry that you are having a bad patch. I too share your question about meds suddenly not working. Pizotifen was helping me slightly in that the daily headache went almost immediately but these past few weeks I have had migraines from hell (with aura) and balance definitely worse. Hope you get someone can answer your questions soon and you feel a bit better very soon. Angela

Oh no Barb, I hope this is just a temporary blip and you start to improve again soon. Remember breakthrough can still occur even on the right medications x