Can you stop a migraine in the prodromal stage?

If this is possible, please share your tips.

Thanks much.

I can’t stop it. I can recognise the either low feelings or high anxiety which will make me crave bad food and will get the migraine a day or two later. Thing is I can’t stop the food cravings to test whether or not giving into the food brings on the migraine or it would come anyway. Hope this makes sense.

I am exactly the same. Thought it was all in my head but obviously not. Why does the migraine make us crave all the things that are bad for us?! X

I’m learning to recognize this stage in me. If the last episode I thought was a prodrome actually was, I stuck to the diet and still got the headache.

I did some research today to see if I could find out how to prevent the full-blown attack. They said take your medication at that point (but I’m trying not to do the “quick-fix” meds) or try NSAIDS or ibuprofen. I don’t know that those two will help. Guess we’ll see.

Thanks for your input.

That’s when I use propranalol and it help subside the “fulness” or “whooshing” in my head. It also works as a preventive med, when foreseeing a highly stressful day. I like that it’s calming, but not a sedative. I’m super sensitive to meds and allergic to ibuprofen so 5 mg. of prop. works very well whereas 10 mg. makes me super dizzy. It doesn’t stop dizziness once it’s started…Keep us posted on what works for you:)!