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Can you take Ami as a rescue med?

How things can change in a few weeks. Having a relapse. Oh well.

But tonight I’m heading into migraine territory and balance is especially bad.

I have not taken Ami since September. Might it help to pop 10mg?


Sorry to hear that James and you were doing so good too. Is it that bad that you need ami?

I can ride it out. It’s just a question of whether it’s the better option …

Oh no James! So sorry about that. I’d be concerned that you’d experience side effects rather than it actually helping you if you took one just randomly. I will say though, when I was on a different tri-cyclic my doctor prescribed extra 10 mg pills that I could take when my trigger load may be higher, like when a storm was coming through or during periods of stress and it helped. Not sure how it would be not consistently taking it though.

I would think no, given it takes time to build up in your system, but at 10 mg, it can’t hurt you to try it. The only rescue med that’s even effective for me is Fioricet, which is not really a front line rescue med. But then, how can a barbiturate, caffeine and acetaminophen combo not at least knock the edge off? (What’s it say about me that I can spell barbiturate right on the first try but not acetaminophen?) I’d be happy to share if you weren’t a 10 hour flight away.

I hope you feel better soon.

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It can work for some neurological relief, pop in the Ami at 10mg…there is no downside( except constipation)…that’s the way i see it.

I know a long timer with VM who pops flunarizine for 3 days gets some relief and goes months without it…

same thing with vertigo-tales lady(remember her blog not her name :)…apologies) who does Nort every 8 months once for 3 months !

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Yes that’s an interesting protocol!

Sorry to read that James, that is rubbish!!!

I think the Ami will work because nori worked immediately for me to get rid of some symptoms. You have nothing to lose by trying.

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Thanks Margaret, I agree. I didn’t take it in the end though … perhaps if this happens again.

I think last night was a migraine/neurlogical thing … I woke up this morning feeling better than I woke up the previous day before the ‘attack’. This gives me confidence, because I’d normally feel totally rubbish after an attack and this would last several days, up to two weeks! The fact I’m already feeling better (relatively! I still have mild imbalance, but its not as bad) is a jolly good sign! :slight_smile:

Hopefully, emergency over!

Really appreciate the support guys!! Ah, feels good to have understanding friends!


That’s good to hear James, long may it last.

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Ami is your “bon ami” incase you ever need her :slight_smile:

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Sorry you had a ‘breakthrough’, James…but here’s hoping it was just an isolated episode on your road to full recovery. Good sign that you felt better the next day instead of ‘hung-over’!

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Sadly, it’s a bit of a mix … call it a mini-relapse … I need to be careful with straining!

Haha. That was very sweet of you. Might take you up on that offer right now lol

We can share it together. Spent the weekend in a wobbly camp trailer with some younger friends. They like alcohol, harsh lighting and hard rock. Also, they play rapid games of rummy while ignoring the ear shattering screams of their 15 month old. It’s been months since I took Fioricet, Meclizine and an anti-emetic at the same time, but the floor turned to marshmallow and dinner threatened to make a return appearance. I’m too old for that. Even my husband said he thought his brain would vibrate out of his head. When I said I needed to go back to our campsite my husband leapt at the chance. He grabbed my hand and walked out all the while sounding like a MAV public service announcement. Now at least we have an early out excuse for future visits.

On the plus side, it was gorgeous. Fall colors, sockeye salmon spawning in the Dosewallups River with dozens of eagles overhead and harbor seals swimming up the sloughs. There were raccoons and a herd of elk sleeping around our trailer every night. It was like wild kingdom, except noisy and with a bar.


How many animals?! Sounds awesome!

Haha. Sounds like proper 'Murica!

Yeah, though this group would take umbrage given they are on the opposite side of that particular political spectrum. We go because we love their daughter. She’s 16, has known our son (also 16) since he was 2, is smart, lovely, poised and very tough. She has advanced Crohn’s disease. She just went 10 weeks with no food by mouth and hooked to a lot of tubes. In that insanity, our older, settled, low drama is attractive to her. We don’t make a big deal out of her illness and instead just provide loving support. We take her fishing and ask about school, her friends, her hobbies, give her a chance to be focused on without being the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. She plays the bass in her high school orchestra. We bought her symphony tickets for her birthday. She’s just a totally different animal than the rest of her family.

Wow life can be tough!!

Makes MAV look pretty good from here.

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In any case sounds like a life affirming excursion. So important not to give in to any of this crp and keep doing what you do!

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