Cannabis and vertigo?

Hello all, I’m a 23 year old in Florida and I just found this site which I’m glad I can ask question who I think go through the same. So last year the exact same time I could not get out of bed which was a bad thing because I had EMT class… go figure. Long story short, I went to the doc and they gave me meclazine and the other one. I can’t remember. This year, another one. I can’t get out of bed because I cannot do the spinning. I don’t go on roller coasters for that reason. I could that taking a pill really upset my stomach to where I was gagging. I tried a cartridge and immediately the nausea went away after the 1st inhale. But if there is anything out there that can make this go away, I’m all ears.

If I were you I’d go get your ears checked by an ENT doctor first. Need to try to find the cause.
BPPV is a common condition that is relatively easy to treat, the ENT can see if you have that. Good luck.

I have found that cannabis gives me the same reaction as my symptoms so I don’t enjoy partaking as I once did. I’m close to trying CBD though.

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Yeah, I’m not a fan of THC but CBD is helpful for me.