Cant deal with dizzy anymore, got headache not migrane!

i seriously cannot take this anymore ive had no relief in 2 years, all day every day ive got spinning i used to have migrane and there is a huge jump between headache and migrane. I have daily headaches thats it not migrane but daily spins rocking uneven walking. i have to move house this week isnt there anything i can take short term and still function so i can at least move without it killing me? ive got vals for chronic sciatica they dont help vertigo, ive tried sandramigran/inderal made me worse. im so bad i had to go a disabilty! my lifes totally wrecked. pls tell me ifs theres anything just to get through my move im just so worn out and tried i can go on anymore with the spins… :frowning: how about perdinsolone?

The only thing that I could suggest to get you through a day or two would be benzo’s. Valium and Xanax are the most common.

Klonopin (Clonazepam) would probably really help. Another high rate benzo x

i am so sorry- i am right there with you, besides the drugs have you tried vestibular rehab therapy? i have found it to help a little. also, yes, klonopin has helped me too- it doesn’t take the dizzies away but it helps you tolerate it.

what about good old meclizine? 25mg 3 times a day? it slows the vetibular system down and helps the dizzies for me.

good luck, please know we are all suffering with this too.

oh thanks guys i might try meclizine this week to test side effects. I saw something on net
—newer skin patches which deliver scopolamine. any one tried these?

The meds you mentioned are just a few…in two years is that all you have tried for this condition? I wouldn’t give up…I also got daily headaches for a period of time, but never a typical migraine headache. I had a hard time believing this was all migraine related, but I did have 2 auras and the neurologist confrmed that I have the chemistry for it. Once I started on a serotonin enhancing medicine, the daily headaches went away within a few days. Things for me are much better, but it took a while and finding the right medicine.
Meclazine is possibly helpful, but not really a med for migraine prevention. It’s the chemistry of migraine that causes the dizziness, rocking etc…so it can show up as other things besides migraine headache.
I’m sorry you are suffering…I believe you can get better. You should work with a doctor that you like, and try another class of medicine.
Good luck.

So you can have headaches but still mav? the dr did say maybe try a ssri? im a bit worried about this due to side effects. ive only tried 3 medications so far. the dr seem to say try a heap of drugs and if one works it mav if not well move onto some other dx. whats the a ssri with least side effects? i think i tried zoloft once and after a day couldnt handle it, vomitng,couldnt hold my head up, etc bad and mega low dose!! i have to function to look after my child and animals as im by myself. ps kelley love the doggy photo 2 cute!

Ditto the xanax or valium. Does help with off balance and lightheadedness.

Yes, I had dizziness, anxiety, depression (From all of this mess) insomnia, daily headaches that came on around 3:00. Note: I NEVER had a headache in my life before this all happened at the tender age of 42 :slight_smile:
So to answer your question, yes. There’s a total crazy list of any and all symptoms that can manifest from this stuff. The SSRI that is easiest to tolerate would be probably celexa I’m guessing. None of the SSRI’s worked for me. If you get a lot of nausea, take with food and start really low. You can also try taking at night to sleep through the nausea, that usually passes over time. A med that I really liked with very low side effects was Remeron. I was a little dizzy for 2-3 days, but it was great…slept like a log as well. Has low side effect profile exept for sleepiness and makes you hungry. Other than that, nothing bad.

after a quick look remenon looks better celexa. Im really not keen on taking anything though but i am desperate to get rid of this. No chance of it just going after 2 years of it?? maybe once i move ill try again. I should change my user name to the quacks ginnypig?? how is this so freakin hard to treat? my beyond savage migranes years ago were easy to treat a couple of jabs and 2 hours later better, gone 24 hours! oh i should say since this all happened i sleep like a rock wiped out. Normal?