Cant find post some1 listed a chemical free coffee

Hi someone was talking about some sort of coffee out there that mavers maybe able to have. Cant find the post.
Something about chemical free, maybe decaf, no something…

Anyone remember this, or if it was you please tell me.

Thanks. k

I can’t remember the specific name of that brand–I think it was Scott that posted? But you try a decaf that is made by Swiss water technique versus chemical process. The chemical process can leave behind residue that can be a trigger. The Swiss water technique of decafinating is supposed to be more pure.


Have a look at this post:


Thanks Scott, that was what I was looking for!

I have coffee every day, but I don’t feel any different afterwards, but then again if things can take up to 72 h or more than who knows.

I have planned diets/workouts for people and helped people lose weight. I’m so good with that.

But this migraine trigger thing, it’s so hard; citric acid is in everything. I don’t know what to eat and little healthy snacks like a yogurt, string cheese, apple, nuts and banana are out. I know it’s only in the beginning until you figure it out but good grief what to eat?



I wonder if you’re thinking of something like Teeccino. It’s an herbal tea/chicory sort of blend that theoretically tastes like coffee, but doesn’t have the caffeine. If you’re doing the Buccholz diet, you’d want to avoid the ones with nuts (not sure how many that’d be) and cocoa (like the mocha flavor), but here’s their website if you want to investigate.

(Some reviewers SWEAR it tastes exactly like coffee and others swear the opposite, so I guess it’s just a matter of opinion. :lol: I tried it a while ago, but it’s been so long, I honestly don’t remember what I thought…)

As for the diet, itself, I totally know what you mean. I lasted a couple of months on it, but never could figure out for sure what foods were triggers. I did figure out, though, that when I cut out all of the things I used for snacking on (like the things you mentioned), and ended up not snacking because I couldn’t figure out what I COULD eat, THAT was a trigger for me. Eventually kicked the diet to the curb, deciding that NOT eating was more of a trigger for me than eating the wrong thing(s). Could be wrong, but so far I don’t feel any worse than I did on the diet, and I’m 2 months back off the diet after 2 months on the diet. (Still trying to be careful with things like citric acid, chocolate, caffeine, and msg. Just not obsessing over it, though.)


Hi there, I think what made me want to stick with the diet despite the very real problems you bring up here was that right from the start it made such a dramatic change for me and I saw it as a key that fitted my particular situation. If no improvement at all is seen then I can definitely see why someone wouldn’t want to continue with it. But when there is a trade off and it makes the difference between functioning or not, then the motivation is there.

I had to smile at your take on the snacking dilemma Erika - been there myself! :smiley:


One snack I go for is fresh mozzarella. Higher in fat than would be ideal, but wth. I also found a queso fresco that has only 15 out of 80 calories form fat, but that’s not a snacking cheese, more of a crumble-on-top-of/ into things cheese. Well, okay, with a little more time, as a treat, celery w neuchatel. Doesn’t satisfy a turophile’s jones, but a fine cheshire/cheddar/brie/provalone/whatever and a dizzy headache isn’t very satisfying either.