Celebrities and mav

If I remember correctly Janet Jackson had to postpone or cancel concerts back in the fall of 2008 because of what I believe was MAV. Is this something that has come up before, and if so does anybody know what her treatment was? We also have had a couple of Big league players here derailed because of vertigo (don’t know if it was MAV or not!).

I remember reading something about that a while back but she was “cured” in two weeks, so I have my doubts - if only it were that easy!

There was a lot of talk on here when the Janet Jackson deal with MAV came up. We all agreed, two weeks to cure! I want to meet her doctor, because he knows more about this than the doctors who specialize in this.

I’ve dealt with dizziness for more than 20 years now and until June, I’d never NOT compensated in a matter of days. Besides, reporters are some of the most unreliable people in the world. One person’s claim of having ‘recovered’ can easily be reported as ‘cured’.