Celexa..... Questions

Im starting my first pill tonight. Im so scared. The internet has sooooo many horror stories. Im thinking most sites, people just post
the bad stuff. Hear how people are very sick, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, huge weight gain. This is in most people that are at least taking like 30/40 mg or even 20 right?? Sigh… sorry, I second guess everything these days.

So I turn to you all, is celexa really going to make me More Dizzy and give me a Headache?
Omgosh, I have anxiety and a health phobia now. Im so terrified about getting my headache (neck related) back, and vertigo back that
all I do is think about it 24/7 so Im afraid of everything! If someone told me that walking outside to get the mail would bring back my vertigo, I would
never go out again. :frowning:

I know its silly, but this whole thing has got my mind all f’d up. And im not suffering 1/2 as bad as most of you. Gosh.

I know some of you have done well on Celexa, I guess Im just looking for a little reassurance. I have had this rx for a month now. Its time to do something!

My symptoms are 24/7. Better with movement. Wierd.
Worse at night/bed. Just at first.
So hoping that a small dose maybe all I need.
Starting off at 5mg.


Hi Kristina,

I took Celexa for 4 years and it was a wonder drug in so many ways but in the end did not suit me because of increased headache activity. Note, that this is a RARE side effect so do not let my story put you off.

  1. This SSRI is very well tolerated. I’m ultra sensitive to drugs and any chemicals for that matter and I was able to kick it off at 10 mg but go with 5 for now and increase as per your doctors recommendation.
  2. Dr Robert Baloh who is one of the leading world migraine gurus (UCLA) favours the use of Celexa for MAV as a first line therapy – up to 40 mg.
  3. Weight gain may be a side effect for you though it may cause weight loss too. Be aware of this as you go into it and make sure you are not turning into a carb freak or eating more than normal. Keep the exercise going – 30 minutes a day if possible of intentional exercise where you get your heart rate up a bit. Can be done in 3 lots of 10 min even if it walking to the shops and back briskly.

I was very ill in 2003-4 to the point where I could not function and it looked like my PhD was going right down the toilet. This drug saved my ass. Period.

So don’t read the horror stories on the web OK? It’s a biased sample and not statistically representative at all. If Celexa does not work for you or you don’t like it, you can simply stop and move on. No probs. But give it a chance to work. I was not out of the shit hole until I hit 15 mg and had been on it for about 3 months.

Good luck and let us know how you’re going. :slight_smile:

Well done for taking the bull by the horns, now you have to dive in.

Cheers … Scott 8)

p.s. don’t worry if you feel a bit weirded out on the med at first. Normal stuff and it will go.


Thanks, That’s exactly the encouragment I needed! Im very sensitive as well. I tolerated 25mg of topamax. But for some reason
the doc left me on it for 3 weeks, even though it wasn’t working. I went to a new doc and he told me to get off of it. So I stopped
and had withdrawl symptoms for 5 days. Yep off of 25mg. The new doc wanted me to try Propranolol or Effexor. But with my
3rd opinion of Chronic Subjective Dizziness. I opted for Celexa. Though I would start small. Effexor scares the heck out of me.
And I already get lightheaded and my BP has fluctuated lower than usual, so Propranolol wasn’t even an option in my mind.

I took 5mg about 20 min’s ago. Its so crazy how powerful our minds work. Within a couple minutes, I feel like Im dizzier and stuff.
I actually laughed outloud. Because it CANT work that fast. My mind is playing tricks on me. :slight_smile:

Im glad it worked well for you during your time of need. Did you stay on 15mg during the entire 4 months, minus coming off of it.?
What are you taking now?


Celexa is the next drug in line for me to try but I guess I;m putting it off for 2 reasons- 1. Because I’m scared as well and 2. Because of weight gain. I’m usually 130, had a baby last year, and since sampling Lexapro, propronaol and being on 100mg of Topamax I am at 170! The thought of gaining 20 more pounds scares me so badly. But, anything to stop this 24/7 dizziness…

I’m going to go to another doctor in january once my insurance switches over to get another opinion and will try. i wish you the best, and try to keep yourself busy and not think about it! can you take it at nightime when you are asleep?

also, i’ve read to keep valium or klonopin around just in case…


From what I read on the comparison with the two, and what the pharmacist said- some may gain on Lex but Not Celexa. Not sure why, or if thats inaccurate.
Now for me the topamax gave me a weightloss and I was on the lowest dose. You just never know what our bodies will do. See for me klonopin caused me vertigo. I threw the rx away. I hate that stuff. But on here, it helps alot of people. Such a hit and miss. :frowning:

Good luck, and let me know how Celexa works for you, once you start.

** I started last night, and boy I saw one difference. I can tell all ready, this med is going to make me sleeepy! Thats fine with me, rather be tired then wired, ONLY if the fatigue doesn’t go into the next day of course.

Lexapro is a “cleaner” and more potent version of Celexa…supposedly it has less side effects with weight/fatigue/sexual issues…
Hope it’s a winner!!

It makes you wonder why Dr. Baloh hasn’t swapped his preferred drug of choice over to Lexapro then if it’s a cleaner version with less side effects? Politics? $?

He’s probably used it longer and figures if it ain’t broke… Celexa is also available in generic, so easier to access for most people.

That’s exactly right Kelley. Citalopram comes in a number of different brands now. That patent ran out and people can get it for a much cheaper price than Lex for now.

Baloh is a highly regarded researcher and would not be pushing citalopram to line his pockets. He knows it can work for people suffering with this crap with minimal side effects compared to the older migraine meds.


I am back on Celexa since the Lex was making me jittery and grinding my teeth.

I am on 20mg. After three months on these drugs I am 70% better but wish I could wipe this out completely.

I also read all the horror stories but so far I like it. I cannot explain why it works better for me than Lexapro.