Cereal part of MAV diet?

Hi guys,

Sorry about the bombardment of questions.

As I stated earlier, this s### is going to end this year…so I am on a mission :smiley:

I have been on my MAV diet for a whopping 2 days…hooray!

( I am actually on hold with Dr. Baloh’s office in UCLA setting up an appointment as I type :slight_smile: )

Regarding cold cereal in the morning:

Are those types of food “ok” from a MAV perspective? ie. Rice Krispies, Rice Chex, Kix, etc. I have entered in fruits and veggies and have eliminated my typical junk food diet. Just curious about the cereal.



that’s a good question - i eat rice chex almost every morning because i cut wheat out of my diet but to this day i’m not sure i am allergic or sensitive to wheat.

seems like it doesn’t matter what i eat but i do try to stick with the migraine diet for the most part in the Heal your Headache book.


I’m okay with wheat, so far as I know. Many cereals have malted barley or maltodextrin in them, or unspecified natural flavor. I found a local brand of shredded wheat that’s clean and simple,and that’s what I use mostly.

I need to get brave and try wheat again. i need to eat more fiber. I eat a lot of apples these days at least.


Todd – I think you cannot know about this one until you test the water yourself and keep track of symptoms. Wheat is a trigger for some but I don’t personally think it’s a biggie across the board. It’s seems like gluten-free is the buzz word at the moment but I have never seen a clear relationship between wheat and symptoms in the way I do with the well-known triggers like cheese, nuts and caffeine.

S 8)

Gluten-free is definitely a buzzy phrase at the moment. I was in a pub the other day and they claimed to have burgers made from gluten-free beef. No kidding.