Cervical Dystonia

Hi, all!

So I saw my neuro for the 2nd time last week, and he diagnosed me with cervical dystonia. Has anyone else here dealt with this? I have been able to get my migraines under control with Topomax (at a very low dose), but am still dealing with visual issues, face pain, ear pain, slight unsteadiness, and neck/upper shoulder tightness/pain. In a few weeks I will be getting my first round of Botox injections. Has anyone had these before? Have they been helpful?

My sister-in-law has dystonia - not sure if it’s cervical but it affects her neck and shoulders. She has had two sessions of Botox treatments and returned to work after the first treatment. Can’t give you much detail as to her treatment as don’t see her often but apparently she has been pretty happy with the results. Hope your treatment is successful.

What is it?