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CGRP antagonists - anyone tried these drugs in development?

Hi All,

The calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) antagonists seem to have demonstrated quite impressive data in phase 3 clinical trials for migraine. Just wondering if anyone here has been involved in a clinical trial of a CGRP, and - if so - could speak to their experience?


Just a word of concern. These drugs are great and in fact I have have found great relief with Amitriptyline. But I’m concerned about the focus on migraine in MAV. I suspect that a healthy brain can reach a migrainous state if subjected to poor sensory information due to a peripheral not central issue. Maybe some people’s brains are more susceptible than others but my concern remains that we should be finding out what the root cause is, not papering over the cracks with medicine. My neorologist said to me at last visit I should consider titration off the meds after having had a period of stability. But I’ve since relapsed and I’m thinking ‘not a chance’ until the condition has properly stabilised.

Please let me know if you found any studies on cgrp that are recruiting, thanks!

Interesting info: