Change in Medication

Long before my last vestibular/MAV, attack/cycle - I battled with insomnia. Among some of the questions the gynecologist asked (I went to gyn because I noticed that my sleeping patterns fell in step with my cycle) was if I was ‘weepy’. Well, of COURSE I was weepy, I hadn’t slept but an average of 1 hour per night for 6 weeks. I was tired, weepy and was experiencing mood swings.

“Depressive disorder. NEXT!”

I know myself enough to know that there was no way I was suffering form depressive disorder. My life had never been better. So I went to my GP, who listened to what I had to say, and prescribed Trazadone for sleep. This was 4 years ago.

Since the holidays, I’ve been experiencing, almost on a daily basis, migraine pain. This is a new one on me. In fact - it’s almost as if we’ve all but blocked the dizziness so damned if it ain’t gonna manifest in some other way. I was waking with migraine and going to bed with one. Bending, turning, bright lights and general house-noise was enough to make it throb.

Neuro is now wanting to take me off the trazadone and putting me on amitriptyline for sleep.


I am constantly battling severe insomnia (no pills causing this just lack of oestrogen).

The only time I have got a good nights sleep is when I take Amitryptiline. The sleep is broken but there is lots of it. I do, unfortunately get bad heads from sleeping so much on it, plus it actually made me depressed the second time round.

It does seem to be one or the other with me too. If I take something and manage to get a hold on the migraines, then I get more dizziness, vertigo. Just seems to me like unstable blood vessels, they must either constrict too much or expand too much.