Change in symptoms.... anyone?

Hi there,

I’m a little worried. Last Monday out of nowhere I got aura at 10 am. Followed by a slight h.a in forehead. Later that
day at 5pm. Aura again. No pain. After the first aura I had a huge wave of dizziness.

Since Monday I’m feeling very wavy, like I’m on a boat. I will move my arm or body or head anything really… and when I stop, my
I feel like I’m still moving for a few seconds. I just don’t understand. I’m doing better with laying down, which was generally my problem.
Before it was more head motion related, but now its different and soooo constant and irritating. Im at my wits end. Yesterday I just broke
down and sobbed. I cant handle anymore weirdness.

Has anyone’s dizziness changed. Im on Nori 10mg. BUT this change happened BEFORE. I just started the Nori On Thursday night.

*** the only thing different is, I started a 6-day medrol steroid dosepak. I have taken it in the past and its been a godsend for my pain. I did
notice that I was more dizzy then usual the day I started. Which was Saturday, then Monday this aura and dizzy change started.
I thought there maybe a link, but I have taken it before, AND I read that Medrol/steroids are actually used for migraines and ear problems, so
this cant be.

Any answers…???


Oh, none of my symptoms have been consistent in the last 3 years. Seriously, from 2009 until early last year, all I had was episodic, brief waves of dizziness–usually rotational. Ever since last year, my flare-ups have left me with constant dizziness. The constant sensations range from the boat feeling you described, to a slowly revolving carousel ride, to a feeling of walking down the aisles of a train. On bad days, I will either have episodic quick spins, or the feeling of going down an elevator. I was lucky and had a remission last spring which lasted almost 2 months! Normally I remit for 1-2 weeks if I’m lucky. Frustrating thing is, I still don’t think I have an accurate diagnosis…in the last year, I’ve heard cervicogenic (didn’t you hear this one lately?), chronic subjective/anxiety, bppv, and mal de debarquement syndrome. I asked a few of those dr.s about MAV, and they said if i’ve never had a history of migraines, then i don’t have it. ???
From what I’ve read, it seems inconsistency of symptoms is a major trait with MAV :frowning:

Yes, my symptoms changed over time too. For example, to start with, during a really acute attack of vertigo the only thing to relieve it would be to lie totally still. Yet once I was a bit better, I actually felt worse lying down than sitting/standing, as I felt like I was constantly moving. I’ve had many other symptoms change over time as well.

“Has anyone’s dizziness changed”

All the time. When you’ve had MAV a long time you can look back and see just how much the dizziness changes. It’s a constant swapping this for that and then getting something a little different, a sort of variation on a theme. Recently I went through a rough spell that reminded me of how I was about 10 years ago and I wondered how on earth I’d coped! But after a few weeks of that it subsided and I’m back to dealing with other more manageable dizziness. So yes, for me, the dizziness has many faces.


Heavens, yes. You can drive yourself CRAZY trying to figure out why you feel better or worse.

Was it something I ate? Something I took? Something I did? Something I didn’t do? The weather? Hormone change? Too much sleep? Not enough sleep? A cold? An activity? An allergy? Thinking about it too much? …

For a long time I kept a “dizziness” journal, trying to figure it out. Twelve years later, I still can’t help running through the various ideas when I feel notably better or worse–even though I KNOW it usually doesn’t do any good to try to figure it out.

Probably everyone eventually finds certain patterns; for example, I know that I feel best with slight sleep deprivation (after 2-3 days of regular 8-hour nights) and better with stimulants. Those are the two patterns I noticed almost from the beginning, and the only ones that have held steady all these years.

I guess we will keep driving ourselves crazy looking for consistent patterns when there just aren’t any, or not many. The human brain always, automatically, seeks an explanation for things, even if you tell yourself not to try to figure it out.

All you can do is just try to keep plowing ahead as best you can. Wishing you good luck with that, Kristina.


Same here. I also try’s to figure out what I’ve done different every time it is going better or worse. No system, what so ever. So I just try to get the best of it when I am having good periods and make it standeble when bad periods.

I hope some day I will think; this whas not just a good period, but it just god all good ;O)"…