Change in symptoms

Hi, I just posted my story here and included some questions, but thought I should ask my questions separately. My symptoms have changed from having “episodes” of dizzy spells to during the past month having a “swimmy” feeling in my head, along with a buzzing sound, headache and severe nausea. And, unfortunately these symptoms do not go away at all - it’s been over a month now. I’m newly diagnosed, and still have a couple more tests to take this week, including the VNG (?) test - the one with the water in my eyes on Thursday - which I totally nervous about, by the way!

Has anyone experienced these symptoms for a prolonged period of time? And, if so - is this part of MAV and also are there any medications that have helped you?

Thanks, Renee’ (the dizzy blonde!)

Hi Renee,
My symptoms have changed over the years, some have gotten worse and there are new ones. Ithink this is part of the whole cycle. My most chronic symptom is that of a feeling of motion sickness 24/7. Any kind of movement makes it feel much worse. This is interspersed with periodic episodes of severe vertigo attacks (with which I am totally unable to move.)

I had the VNG a couple months ago after putting it off for years. Mine came out normal (I had vertigo on both sides for both hot and cold water) but it was nowhere as bad as I expected. I thought for sure they would have to carry me out of there because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about this test but it honestly was bad. When it was over, it was over and the bad feelings did not last. The part I had the most discomfort with was not the water in the ears part but the part where I had to follow fast moving objects on the wall.

I’ve had problems with most meds I’ve taken but do use meclizine and/or valium as needed.


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your response to my question. I had my VNG today and it wasn’t too bad:) The balance test I had on Tuesday was much worse - I didn’t do too well with that one! Everything turned out fine, except some problems with the vestibular, which relates to balance (at least that’s what I’m told). So, now my diagnosis is definitely MAV - now I’ve got to find a good neurologist, and hopefully find some meds that will help!

Thanks again,

Hi Renee, I’m glad you got through all the balance tests okay. I just did mine on Friday - not pleasant but I think it’s worth it if it can at least rule out some conditions that may be confusing things. I hope the meds help - good luck with it all.