Changing symptoms - what the heck?!

Hi all,

Cherity (operagirl) here. I’m in the midst of a wicked relapse. I was doing really well until last Saturday and then bam again. I feel like I’ve gone backwards three years to when this all started. Do any of you experience changing symptoms?

WALKING- some days I am OK and some days I feel like I am really unstable. I even feel like gravity is pushing me down at times now and that’s new.

HEADACHES- I am having head pain every day but it moves around and never develops into a full migraine.

Sometimes I am better laying down or sitting and sometimes it makes me feel worse.


Still looking for a good Dr here in Denver Colorado. Suggestions are more than welcome. Still feel like I am rocking 24/7 in synch with my heartbeat. It’s like a pulse or a throbbing that I move with or feel like I do. I’ve asked this before, but does anyone else feel this? It helps so much to know that you’re not alone.

All my best to all of you and thanks in advance for any feedback you can offer!


For myself, I would say most symptoms I have either “appeared” after a while or “evolved” (got worse). I’ve had a few that came out of the blue and never showed up again. Migraine has a broad spectrum of possible symptoms, and what causes some of them to come and go isn’t entirely clear.

I think quite a few people would likely say that things like motion intolerance (unstable feeling when walking) and headache can be quite variable from one day to the next.

I have occasionally felt that the rocking sensation seemed in-sync with the heartbeat, yes. Similar with pulsatile tinnitus (basically ‘heartbeat-like pulsing sound in the ear’) in that it seemed to pulse “in time” with the real heartbeat. In both cases I think it is likely mostly just a phenomenon with no apparent significance (clinically speaking).

As for doctors, I’d try this link: … sterc.aspx

Carol Foster is a neurotologist who includes “migraine associated dizziness” under the “Research” tab. I think she sees patients herself; you could always email her and ask. If she does not (currently) see people personally, surely she could recommend someone near you. The email is given on the webpage above.

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Hi George,

Thanks for the reply - I sincerely appreciate it. I’ll do some looking.
I hope you are doing well!
Be good to yourself -