Charlotte's VRT

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There’s been a few posts lately about VRT. For most with untreated MAV, it just makes everything worse and may actually be diagnostic for MAV if it does make you feel much worse according to Steve Rauch. However, for those who are into it and think they are getting a benefit from it, make sure you check out this thread called “Charlotte’s VRT”. There was a really smart therapist on this thread from Chicago who really knew her stuff:

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Hi Scott
Just read your post & looked at Charlotte’s VRT instructions. Wow, these made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up & brought back such terrible memories when a neuro physiotherapist recommended I do them because my balance was a little ‘off’. This was the start of my first experience with the MAV horror (14 months ago) when I began the first VRT exercises she’d recommended! I went straight into the MAV terror.

Steve Rauch is spot on and so are other MAV specialists who recommend only doing VRT after stablising on medication. Am now just getting my life back 6 months after starting meds. I’d recommend following Steve Rauch’s advice - get a diagnosis & stablise on meds before trying it. I wouldn’t recommend going down the path of doing VRT as a way of diagnosing that you do, in fact, have MAV!


Just wanted to add that I found VRT effective, but only once my MAV was under good control with medication. It did get rid of a lot of the residual problems I was having, e.g. I always got mild spinning vertigo on lying down until I did the VRT. It actually worked very quickly - less than a week. So VRT can be very useful for some people with MAV, but only at the appropriate time.

However, at the height of my MAV I have no doubt it would have made me worse. In fact having Epley manoeuvres done (when it was initially thought to be just BPPV) made me a lot worse, which I think was the first indicator to the consultant that I had MAV. I couldn’t tolerate any ‘messing about’ at all for several months.

Great advice guys.

Beech, you reminded me of doing the Epley once on myself (not the MEP) about 3 months into this post VN attack in about November 2003. MAV was already well and truly in place but little did I know that I was a migraineur. So one day I was feeling OKish and decided to try the Epley after reading about it. I went side to side on the bed as you do and within 30 minutes of doing it, I was a complete mess. Adrenalin shots hitting me every few minutes and shaky as hell. I wasn’t using valium in those days and had to go out that night to a football game in a massive stadium if you can believe it. No idea how I survived but I remember the loud speaker being unbearable and the bright lights on the field a killer. I really screwed myself up for days from just a few rounds of the Epley. I wasn’t even able to shift my eyes to the far corners of my visual field without kicking off instant heart palpitations then.


This is all so interesting. Thanks for the post.