CHAZ- Update please?

Hi Chaz-

How are you ? Can you give us an update with the sleep apnea treatment?

I think in one of your last posts you said you’ve had some success, but not so much where dizziness was concerned? Is that still the case? What kind of improvements have you had?
I know there were several of us (myself included) with sleep disturbance stuff going on. I’d love to know how you are coming along!!! I hope well.

Thanks Chaz - :smiley:


My symptoms were mostly resolved this summer but I’ve had a return of low grade symptoms this Fall. I also started CPAP therapy for sleep apnea in mid summer. While the return of symptoms after I started on CPAP does not support the idea that the sleep apnea was a factor, I’m still not entirely convinced. This is mainly because I’m still, even with CPAP, not sleeping well most nights. It’s really tough to get used to sleeping with a mask on your face. I think I now get roughly 3 hours of good quality sleep at the beginning of the night and then pretty much toss and turn (or give up and just play guitar) the rest of the night. Often when I’ve had an especially bad night the light headedness does seem worse the next day. So if chronic sleep deprivation was a factor in this, I don’t think I can rule it out yet. A friend who also had severe sleep apnea told me it took him 6 months before he got comfortable enough with the mask to really start sleeping well so I’m gonna press on.

Thanks for asking


I’m glad you’re not giving up yet Chaz. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get comfortable sleeping with something over my face.

Thanks for keeping us updated!