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Check-in, weather, lockdown, etc

Hey everybody. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Been trying to keep as busy as best I can during the lockdown situation.

Weather is starting to get warm. Trees are blooming. Allergies are going crazy. Had a strange headache for the past 3-4 days. I wonder if it’s my allergies or the weather change? Anyone notice an uptick in symptoms when allergies kick in? I don’t know. I don’t feel awful, but you know, not Myself.

Hope everyone is staying, safe, sane, and healthy.


Allergies (I notice dizzies start to act up moreso when allergy symptoms hit) from the weather / seasonal change and trees/flowers blooming. I’m right here with ya. I’ve been doing my nasal cleanse for the past 2 days and also my turmeric / ginger tea with honey added once a day to try and stay on top of it.

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Oh, I should restock my nasal rinse! Good thinking, I’ll pick some up this week. I should do the tea as well, seeing as I have that. Good stuff :+1:

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Every time. In fact I never had seasonal allergies pre MAV. Must just be the increased overall sensitivity. May is a bad time for me these days for hayfever. I have even had a bit of Positional Vertigo several times today already. And it’s Day Two of regular nasal rinses.

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Spring is a hard time for me. Even before I got diagnosed with MAV it wasn’t uncommon for me to feel dizzy around this time. I blamed it on allergies and the fact that I would get ear infections from it but I also think it’s from the erratic weather which I’ve learned is one of my biggest triggers.

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The weather flip flopping around here has been insane. Jumping between 30° F in a matter of hours. Outside getting a tan at noon, inside in a sweater because there’s snow flurries around dinner time. It’s nuts and it needs to level out.

Been about 11 days with ongoing dull headache that likes to travel and then wind up in the same spot. Sinus pressure. Still light sensitivity at times and now just an overall bad mood because nothing is helping me right now. Except sleep and I can’t stay in bed forever.

The weather still isn’t stable. I feel my hormones are playing a role. Just May being a bad month so far.

Time to increase the medication maybe. Everything is just too hyper.

Hmm, possibly. I’ll see how I am after the hormones level out again, same with the weather. This headache is a weird traveling one. I don’t know. I was good for a day and then it came back tonight after my dinner, which unfortunately was salty. So mad.

Spoke with my neuro today via e-visit. Apparently I have a type of status migraine and need more meds added on. I’m going to be a walking pharmacy and there’s no guarantee these will work.

I need a vacation. A stress-free vacation away from everyone and everything. Does a thing even exist?

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Honestly, I just keep having to switch my drugs. The Amerge doc has me try is not breaking this migraine cycle and wants me to try a steroid and Depakote I think (anti-seizure) before having to drive up to the office 3 times for IV meds. Long drive, but man, I hate being pumped full of drugs.

If I could stop taking them all, man, I would. I wonder how that would affect me. Probably mess me up even more.

So sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Hang in there, it’ll get straightened out :grinning::two_hearts:

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Thank you, I’m trying. I appreciate the good vibes.

Back for another check in. I’m on so many pills. I hate it. On my round of steroids and anti-seizure meds to break up this migraine cycle. Was kind of working for a couple days, but neck pain came back today and I feel head pain trying to creep in. Doc says take a sumatriptan. I did.

Just wondering what will be my next step if this cocktail of drugs doesn’t work and keep me pain-free for more than two days?

I really think I need my neck checked. I know there’s an issue with it but they refuse to do imaging but I’m going to push for it.

And that’s more than coincidence. (nearly) everybody with MAV suspects an issue with their neck and pushes to get it checked out. I had a painful stiff tight neck for years and thought the same. In actual fact and surprisingly (well it surprised me) the neck is an extremely tough and hard wearing piece of kit. Well fit for purpose. As it is the neck has a major role in keeping the head in the correct place which in turn influences balance and that’s generally why we experience problems with it and suffer pain and discomfort. The head only really stays in the correct position because the brain tells it where to be. With MAV and any other balance disorder I guess the brain’s capacity is pushed to the limits and something has to give. Rather an oversimplified explanation I know but you get the general idea.

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