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This chiropractor has the answer to vertigo:

It’s all auto-immune folks. Glad I know now.


Actually he does talk some sense. They have said that menieres can be auto immune. Also, I ended up at the lupus clinic for a year when they thought I might have that, then I see he does a clip on autoimmune thyroid (hashimotos) which I have, I also have B12 deficiency (can be pernicious aneamia) which is autoimmune. I have on my drs. notes autoimmune disease.

If you get a basic ANA test that will point to raised antibodies which will show if your immune system is in overdrive and attacking something, if that one test is raised, then they do more tests to show specifically what you may have. I also had an attack of iritis after a virus (which I have since found out is autoimmune).

My friend with all our symptoms, has them under control with low dose prednisone, the vertigo stopped after she started taking it. She also treats herself with low dose T3.

Shame he doesnt talk more about the treatments he uses (did you say he was a chiropractor?) Not sure where that comes into it.


He may be right…whose to say that some forms of vertigo are a result of autoimmune problems? I was diagnosed with MAV in December 2007 at the National Hospital of Neurology in Queen Square London but very well read and qualified neurotologists. They treated me immediately with topiramate. Two weeks later I was suicidal and off the drugs. Lamotrigine did nothing for me either other than make me sick. I gave up on trying meds. I am hypothyroid so take thyroxine every day: most of the SSRIs, beta-blockers etc contra-indicate with thyroxine and I was not prepared to try and “cure” one thing at the expense of creating a worse one (being hypo is a bloody nightmare!). So have been drug free since summer 2008. It was ONLY then that I began to feel some improvement in the dizziness and other hideous symptoms. Gradually…and it has been a long haul…I began to feel like the old me again. I was back to work full time (Customer Relations Manager in a call centre, lots of screens, noises, lights, people etc) and doing all the things I used to do…exercising regularly, going out with friends, reading, watching TV with no jig jig vision.

Who knows what “it” was…whose to say it wasn’t some autoimmune thing going on related to the thyroid upset by going through menopause? Although MAV was given as a diagnosis, reading how some of you are still suffering after so many years with MAV, I doubt that can have been the correct diagnosis for me. Which begs a worrying question…is it easier for neurotologists/GPs/etc to stick the label of MAV on conditions they do not understand fully just because it happens to be the current “trend”?? And if so, what the hell are thye doing prescribing bottles of mind/body altering meds at us?

anyway, if it is any comfort, for some it does just go away eventually. Unless I never had it of course. :?:

On at least one point he’s dead wrong. “Tilting” sensations are common with inner ear disorders, especially those involving otolith dysfunction. Oh yes, and he might be the only person in the world who thinks that Meniere’s is almost always autoimmune. Okay, probably not… probably quite a few people think that… but it seems to be a minority opinion. There’s an emerging consensus today (and my own specialist’s opinion) that Meniere’s is a common end result of many disease pathways.

What the heck is a chiropractor doing treating autoimmune disorders anyway? This guy comes across as a capital-c Charlatan.

This guy is frightening in his convictions. He seems to treat everything. I had a nose round his website and couldn’t believe his video on stroke treatment. Scary. Are chiropractors allowed to treat stroke in the US? He claims he treats people with speech problems after stroke - how is he allowed to do this? Don’t you have to be a qualified and certified SLP in the States to do this?

And on the vertigo front, what the heck does he mean by saying ‘tilting’ is central not peripheral? Crapola!

And his site is full of typo’s too.

Irate Dizzy Izzy

On the bright side, he didn’t claim that he can cure an autoimmune disorders by moving the atlas 1/900th of a millimeter. :lol:

Yep it’s total BS. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, yet like many snake-oil salesmen he can spin just enough truth into his lies to be believable to people that don’t know any better.

There are lots of these guys over here. I don’t know how they get away with it either, but they seem to. A friend of mine was scammed out of thousands of $$ by a pseudoscience group training people in a technique called “bioacoustics”. They teach that every organ and cell in the body has its own “frequency” and cook up combinations of pure tones to be listened to through a headset. They’re custom designed for each individual and based on spectrum analysis of the subject’s voice. Trainees are taught that they can cure any disease, but I think they skirt the law by not actually putting that claim in writing. My friend wised up when she realised that she wasn’t seeing any results in anyone she tried the sound therapy on. But there are ten gullible people out there to take her place.

This guy has a disclaimer on his site that he’s not practising medicine because he doesn’t prescribe drugs. I wonder how solid his legal grounding is…

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On the bright side, he didn’t claim that he can cure an autoimmune disorders by moving the atlas 1/900th of a millimeter. :lol:

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Actually, the guy does say a few (rare) things that are accurate in other videos but most of it is way off the mark – surprise, surprise. I have a problem with him calling himself a “doctor” as well. Chiros are not medical doctors nor does he have a PhD.

In one video he talks about the evils of sugar and fructose causing all sorts of problems then goes on to say that eating the odd piece of fruit is probably OK. :roll: Nothing makes me more crazy than these chiros and naturopaths telling people that sugar is bad for people. Absurd. Of course, drinking 6 cans of Coke a day is not exactly healthy but a few spoonfuls of table sugar daily is not poison – it’s brain food. Without glucose in the blood stream, every one of us would slip into a coma and drop dead.

Well I didnt look at all his other videos, if he claims to cure everything hes a pratt. The autoimmune stuff can cause a lot of problem as I well know, but what is he doing, is he claiming to cure everything with chiropractic adjustments or something?

I think Scott just likes to stir us all up, when he gets bored :lol:


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I think Scott just likes to stir us all up, when he gets bored :lol:

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OK, I’ll stop now. :shock:

No dont do that, what else would we do for entertainment :lol: My life is very boring at the moment!


Doesn’t his website say he has something “neuro” in his title? Not sure where he fits in the chiropractice stuff. I guess he is no different from the acupuncturists I saw who claimed that they could resolve the problem with a few weeks of treatment (they didn’t) or the osteopath who claimed that he was sure my whole problem was linked to a fall I had had on holiday that year (well…it may have been I suppose…but he didn’t “cure” it). Personally I wouldn’t trust one of these internet type claims. But there are plenty of people who find some sort of comfort thinking that their conditions can be cured by intervention…whatever that is. I was really hopeful that topiramate or lamotrigine would work. They didn’t.