Check your neck

I only recently joined this site a couple of months back after searching for help in regards to vertigo type symptoms I have been having for around 4 mths. This started around a week after a minor procedure I had which required anesetic. I saw a neurologist who after doing all the tests diagnosed MAV. I was put on Topomax which I found got rid of the dizziness mostly but I had flu like symtoms and muscle aches, I changed to Inderal which was fine although I found I still got some dizziness at times all of which I thought was side effects to the medication

I found a Headache centre in Brisbane and called them and found a guy who was practising what is a relatively new physio type procedure developed by Dean Watson in Sydney. It centres on the C2 disc in your neck being the cause of many migraines issues. While I was sceptical I was desperate and prepared to give this therapy a go. Well am I glad I did!!!

I went there and after my first session ( I have had 2 now) my dizziness is completely GONE!!! I feel like my normal self again after 5 mths. NO MEDICATION!!! He said my neck was out at this joint ( I didn’t know) and began the process of correcting it. There was no "adjustments like a chiropractor does or anything invasive or dangerous, just pressure physio type stuff. I am truly amazed. While I know this will not be the cause and answer for everyone I am just urging people to try this. There are not many people trained in this yet but Google the info visit

I feel I possibly did something to my neck during the anaesthetic although I have been susceptible to neck issues in the past.

Interesting post as I’ve been going to a local physio recently who is trained by Dean Watson:

It’s strange as I have been having stiff neck issues and more headache pain at the base of my head/neck the last 3 months or so and this physio was recommended by a 2nd neuro I saw recently, despite the fact that he didn’t ask me about any neck pain issues.
Anyway I’ve had 4 sessions now and whilst it hasn’t been miraculous I think it has been of some benefit, certainly she has found my C1 was very tight on the 1st visit and I also have several tender spots around my C2, some of which generate some of my headache symptoms when pressed. I have another session on Friday before I go on holiday for 2 weeks and I intend to carry on the treatment when I get back.

Yes very interesting isn’t it, I will keep going for now although it has been a little expensive. Sop far has been well worth it. Good Luck to you as well.