Checking in on everyone!

Hi all,

How’s everyone doing? It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. I just wanted to check in to let everyone know that there is a light at the end of this nasty tunnel. I posted a success story a while back and I’m still a success. Still doing it without meds and I just wanna give hope to all out there who feel that they’re at a dead end. I’ve been there and I’m not looking back.

But I remember it was nice to hear from other members checking back in to let everyone know that they will get through this in time! I also gotta let you know that I’m not rubbing anything in either. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for all of the MAV’ers out there and I got all of you in my prayer’s. Just keep on fighting and you’ll get there! Don’t give up hope! There’s no need to…I and other people are living proof of that! So don’t get too discouraged!

Keep the Faith and God Bless You All!!!


Scott- Thanks again for keeping this site alive and keeping the knowledge flowing! What you’ve done is more than the docs out there have done for me!!! I owe my life to you and few others here. God love ya!!!

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thank you greg for posting- I’m thrilled to hear you are still doing well- I really appreciate you coming back and telling us that you are still doing well- it gives us hope!!!

Nice to hear from you Greg,

This prompted me to read your success story once more. You mentioned a regular sleep pattern being very important to recovery. Do you mind me asking what your regular sleep times are? I am thinking 11 - 7 would be a good sleeping pattern but not sure if its too much or too little sleep

I’m new around here and don’t know you, Greg, but thanks so much for posting a follow up to your success story. I can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I’m really grateful when someone likes you gives me hope to keep walking. So glad to know you’re doing better. And not in just a selfish way either - I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody, so I’m truly glad for you. Hope you (and others) never ever have to deal with this again!

Richy F,

11-7 is the perfect time for me. That is the time I go to bed and get up.


I appreciate your kind words! I hope I never have to deal with it full on again either. There are times when It creeps in a little, but nothing to even complain about. Feel free to message me if you want for any questions or whatever. I’m all ears.


Yea I figured I should check in on everyone. I used to love to hear from members that would chime back in once in a while.


so nice to hear!!! thank you for sharing and wishing you continued health.