Checking in :-)

hi all how is everyone doing??? well its been 11 months since my relapse and im now rolling around at about 85% on my good days about 70% on my bad days! for those that don’t know im taking 75mg of nort and 120mg of propranolol, I don’t do the diet at all! hope your all getting there :slight_smile: x

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Is that better going than at the start of your relapse?

That’s good you are on two of the best MAV meds nort and propranolol.

Do you find having a regular schedule ike sleeping and waking up same time and exercising has any positive impact on whether you have a good day ?

yes loads better than at the start of my relapse :slight_smile:

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one of the things I do know will proberbly bring on a bad day is too much sleep,i don’t have any particular routine, im very spontaneous and abit of a party animal :slight_smile: even though I should slow this down abit now im nearly 40 haha!

Hi ,

I’m just curious as to why you don’t follow the diet - have you found that it doesn’t make any difference?

I am a little sceptical that the so-called dietary triggers really are triggers - then again, I want to believe that as I like a lot of the things on the proscribed list!

I am jetlagged and I find less sleep less dizzy. I have also observed if I sleep a lot I am more dizzy like you mentioned.