Chemical sensitivities


I’m wondering how many of you have chemical sensitivities going on with this? What I mean specifically is stuff applied to your skin causing headaches or dizziness – such as shampoo, soaps, creams, etc. I can’t even wash my face with soap anymore unless the soap has NOTHING in it, I mean zippo. Of course washing with any soap leaves things dry as does shaving … so slapping on even some aftershave stuff of any sort to soften things up and ease the shave burn is out of the question for me. It literally ruins my day with migraine headache, eyes half shut, feeling crappy etc.

Scott :?

How do you go with unscented sorbolene - just the pure stuff, no additives?

Funny you bring this up because that’s exactly what I’ve been trying over the last two days. The plain stuff. Crushing headache both days.

You are a chemical conundrum!


Do you have a range of toiletries called Simple in Australia? It’s unperfumed/uncoloured etc., and is used by a lot of people in the UK who need (or want) to avoid these additional chemicals.
I really like this range.

Since developing this crap I too have become a hell of a lot more sensitive to smells, particularly plastics, I believe. Nervous when we rent a car, because “New Car Smell” now is a fast headache. Fresh carpeting is another one, airwicks a third. I feel a lot more sympathy for the friends who have multiple chemical sensitivity.

I even tried the jojoba oil and something Aveda (cant remember) anyway, meant to be the most natural and caused me problems with headache, although I must admit the jojoba oil was the only thing that didnt make my eyes water, anything else near to the eyes does. I have come up in dry blotches on my face long time before MAV, I have very fair pinky skin and its sensitive to everything, but need stuff or I dry out. Went to a make up demonstration once for a new product and she decided to use me for the demo. On went the new cream. I came up in big red blotches, not a good advert! Me and my mum had a makeover when I was younger, the make up turned my neck a bright red, which remained through the next 3 days (I had to go to work like that, and nothing covered it.

I have stuck to the same moisturisers and creams for years, darent change anything.

Christine is a great website for healthy, organic, natural products and the lady that started this is English but now lives in the States. I buy a lot from this site.


Hopefully there are some products on here that might help everyone.

Luv Mup x

Hi Scott -

I think we’re all canaries in the coal mine. Or delicate flowers. You might not like the latter analogy, being manly and all that.

The dizzy part of this didn’t come on for me until later in life, but I started having major skin sensitivity issues early on, mainly when I slept on bedding that was washed in something more harsh than usual: once while traveling and staying at a motel, another time when a boyfriend gave me a free sample of “heavy duty” detergent because he worked at company that made the packaging. That first time I just got hives, but the second time I got blisters on my face (I had only washed some pillow cases in the stuff, so my sheets weren’t affected). My doc gave me some cream to apply, as well as prednisone; it wasn’t working very well as I recall, and the blisters seemed to be spreading even though I’d thrown out the pillow cases - doc advised me that if a blister popped up near my eye I was to go straight to the emergency room. This was not a very reassuring thing to hear. Fortunately, right about then the treatments started to work and new blisters stopped appearing and the old ones started healing.

I use fragrance free, dye free detergent.

Of course, all skin cleansers (face and body) are fragrance free and dye free too. I like Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser (it’s in a pump bottle) for face because it “adds back moisture everytime you cleanse” (it says so on the bottle, and yes, I find it IS true). And Eucerin Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil is something I just started using for body when I’m in the shower - not on my face, and not on my lady bits (don’t want to oil it up down there). I keep a bar of Basis Sensitive Skin Bar in the shower for face and dainty areas. (TMI?)


Forgot to add Kiss My Face Moisture Shave for shaving. It’s hard to find stuff that doesn’t irritate or make you sick when you smell it.

“Nature’s Baby” is a brand I quite like. It is smelly, but not offensively and it doesn’t irritate. The conditioner even says it needn’t be washed off, and I’ve found no problem from leaving it on. My fave is the vanilla-tangerine flavor.

For the kid (and hubby, who is also quite sensitive to chemicals), I make a moisturizing salve out of organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and beeswax. You could try putting a spot of each on your skin to see if you reacted to it. Jojoba oil is supposed to be even more neutral than sweet almond oil, so if sweet almond oil didn’t work for you, you could try that. Or olive oil. Whatever kind of plain oil doesn’t bother you.

Just melt the coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax together in a double boiler, whisk to make sure it’s well blended, and pour it into a jar or tin. You need very little beeswax – I don’t remember the proportions, but if it sets up too stiff, remelt it with more oil; if it’s too soft, remelt it with more beeswax.