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Chiari malformation

Anyone here have one of these? My MRI showed I have a borderline one but was dismissed by all. They symptoms are so similar to MAV. I’ve been diagnosed with many of the dizzy disorders at one time or another (MAV, Menieres, atypical Menieres, BPPV, etc) but they are all guesses by the doctors. I’ve been going back and forth to doctors for 3 years because of oropharyngeal dysphagia and related issues and this year I’ve developed episodes of extreme imbalance (totally different than my vertigo of years past) along with severe headache and neckache and some neurological symptoms… I clearly have symptoms of Chiari but of course that doesn’t mean that’s the cause of my problem because many disorders have these same symptoms. Wondering about others experiences, if any, with Chiari.

My recent MRI mentioned this as well, although they called in low lying tonsils that were noticeable, but within normal limits. I was doing some longer swims when something was triggered with the symptoms you mentioned. Something with turning the head back and forth so much. Frustrating to say the least. I failed my balance evaluation so something has to be at the root of all this. I know they typically won’t do surgery on a chiari unless there is some size to it.