Chicken advert!

Just saw this advert - it is so funny. Chickens have a vestibulo-occular reflex which enables them to keep their heads totally still whilst their bodies move… we could all do with the same thing!

Mercedes-Benz “Chicken” MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial - YouTube)

Lol, I will remember this next time I’m dancing on a night out. :smiley:

Hilarious! Loved it.

I guess that’s why chickens’ heads do that thing when they walk.

People do have a vestibular-ocular reflex, though I don’t really understand it.

My nephew, who’s raising some chickens, once demonstrated the chicken-hypnotism trick. You put the chicken’s head under one wing, swing the chicken back and forth something like 20 times, then put it down, and it will sit there, head under wing, perfectly still for a couple of minutes. Very funny to see.


That made me laugh-thanks.

I have pet chickens so can do this in real life with them, it’s so cute! x

Fair is fair: try it on yourself.

(I’d say let a chicken try it on you, but let’s get real. I mean surrealistic.)

Anyway, I tried it, sitting here at the computer. After my 20th swing back and forth, I wasn’t prepared to pull my head out from under my arm and sit up immediately. Call me rooster. At any rate, I was roosted here for a moment, unmoving.