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Hi guys,

Yesterday I went out for the Christmas lunch here at work. It was in a Chinese restaurant in town. I chose and ate dishes that were the safest I could find. But still my dish came out with a sauce on it … sort of clear but not really. I ate the dish but as little sauce as possible. Also had some calamari dish that was salted (MSG?). All day yesterday my stomach felt strange but no big deal and last night before bed I was great. I woke this morning feeling listless and like I could lie in bed for years … but not too bad otherwise. On the way to work it started … feeling freaky on the last part of the trip in. And now at work and on the computer I am tripping out really hard. Super dizzy and surreal.

There’s no other reason for this apart from the food yesterday –– the 24 h effect. Can any of you relate to this? A delayed reaction? I know Buchholz writes about this, that it can take one, even two days for the fallout to hit.

Thanks … Scott :?

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Hi Scott,

Yes, I can relate. Often a food trigger will hit me soon after eating, within 15-30 minutes. However, I have also experienced a delayed reaction of 12-24 hours. I will often wake up in the middle of the night seeing a kaleidoscope in my vision along with a sensation of the room spinning after eating something I shouldn’t the day/night before. It takes a good day or two of eating clean to feel better.

I hope you feel better soon!

Marci :slight_smile:

I have only a handful of known triggers, only one of which is “food” (although I think it’s drawing a long bow to call Coke Zero a food…) and they all bring on symptoms quickly - within minutes. I don’t like Chinese food - it’s wobbly.


Scott: Dr. Priesol did tell me that it could take up to 48 hours to feel symptoms from food triggers, that is why he had me start the migraine diet by eliminating all foods on it and re-introducing foods one at a time about a week apart so I would know of any delayed reactions to triggers.
Hope things calm down for you for the Holidays. Going to holiday parties makes it really hard to stick to the migraine diet.

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Can any of you relate to this? A delayed reaction? I know Buchholz writes about this, that it can take one, even two days for the fallout to hit.

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Absolutely most definitely. No doubt whatsoever. It’s always that way with me. I never feel safe after trying something questionable til at least two full days have passed. And to be honest I often watch my reactions for a further two days. So I think your experience is not unusual at all.


Absolutely, Scott. In fact, you were the one who told me about the delayed reaction to Doritos chips (and how nasty they are) when I had a reaction to them after the fact! Hang in there, buddy. ~Bonnie

Thanks for the replies. It’s nearly 48 hours now and I feel TONS better. Still dizzy this morn and now getting a headache post dizzy aura but this is so much easier to deal with than the disaster yesterday. I asked other non-migraineurs in the office how they felt and one girl said she felt off and now has a mouth full of ulcers. Never again for me.


I think this just proves that there are foods that are major triggers and each person may react different to different foods. I do not go anywhere near MSG…

For Thanksgiving I made an apple pie and not sure what may have been in it but one cup full and I was off for about three days…it was awful.

Glad you are feeling better Scott just stay away from that stuff in the future.

I had Japanese food last Saturday…and after eating the fried rice…whoa. All the soy sauce and salt couldn’t have helped either.

I wonder whether in some way it’s similar to urushiol dermatitis. I tend to break out not the day of exposure to poison sumac, poison ivy, etc., but to really strut the stigmata a couple of days later. My body seems to say, “Now he wasn’t foolish enough to try clearing the vines off his side fence again, was he? He wouldn’t be. Nah. No. . . wait . . . I can’t believe it . . .[and eventually]. . . arrgh!”

I went to a Japanese restaurant the other day. A few months back, went to the same place, and felt bad afterwards. This time I asked about MSG. They don’t put it in the foods, etc…but they didn’t know about the sauces. This time, no problems.

Hi Wanda,

Have a look at this link:


There times this week i had some catered food from the same restaurant… all 3 times had a migraine approximately the same time about 18 hrs later…I am pretty sure at this point it has MSG or some other trigger in it. As Scott mentioned earlier on this thread >>>I know Buchholz writes about this, that it can take one, even two days for the fallout to hit. >>> Could not agree more.


I’m sure I‘ve written about this before but virtually all my 72 hour long ‘knock you off your legs vertigo attacks’ that turned out to be episodic MAV occurred following meals out in restaurants. There was always a time delay. I have no written records but I would say it was always at least 48 hours sometimes longer. Eat out Sunday Lunch and be fine go to work all day Monday as routine, and wake up Tuesday morning with full on attack. If it happens once it happened 15-20 times over a decade. I cannot say it happened every time I ate out. Another time I remember a delayed reaction happening was 36 hours after I got home from my MRI Scan and that one couldn’t possibly be related to food allergy… By that time MAV was chronic anyway and when I contacted the neuro-oto to tell him of the latest attack he said the time delay meant it was pure coincidence, no connection! Twice about the time my MAV was moving from chronic (retrospectively I think ‘lower tolerance thresholds’) symptoms actually started in the restaurant (and it was same restaurant both times) about an one hour plus after eating and we went home before the full on attack got going. Even now, on meds, Any reaction to anything, not necessarily food, always occurs next day, usually first thing in the morning. Helen

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Interesting. Helen , do you suppose the meds, prop in your case increases the time before you crash when you have eaten a trigger meal ?

No, quite the contrary. Sorry it’s not clear from the above. I was previously just putting the case that I agree totally with the occurrence of delayed reactions to triggers, in my case most triggers. What isn’t clear because it didn’t seem relevant at the time of writing is that throughout the whole decade, and more, I was experiencing delayed reactions following meals out in restaurants and indeed the attack following the MRI Scan itself and even the two occasions when symptoms kicked in whilst still in the restaurant, for all those occasions, I was on no medication whatsoever so that delay must have come from elsewhere maybe a robust vestibular system or being otherwise fit and healthy. Who knows. I didn’t start Propranolol until about a month after the MRI Scan (December 2014). Interestingly the next full on attack which occurred three plus years later (January 2019) and seems to have been the result of trying to quit caffeine completely also occurred with the same amount of time delay despite being on medication. Hope that helps. Helen

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