Chocolate substitute

Okay so I’ve been following the diet plan as much as possible. I was an extreme coffee lover. I have adapted and have half a cup of decaf every now and then and I’m not too upset about it. Same thing with the rest of the triggers. The one thing that I still have cravings for and find myself eating is chocolate! REAL chocolate, not white. :stuck_out_tongue: Just wondering if anyone has anything that they have found that substitutes for this well? I doubt there is anything out there that comes close to it but I thought I would give it a try. It’s like being an addict, I know I shouldn’t eat it but it calls my name. Boy do I pay afterward though. I can’t just not buy it because I have a 7 year old and husband that also love chocolate. Any advice from any chocolate lovers here?

You might look into products made from carob. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve seen it around. Chocolate is not a trigger for me. Not that it matters because I am indifferent to it. But it’s something to look at.

I don’t think there is any really good substitute for chocolate :frowning:
There are other things you can try, like carob, but it has a slightly different texture as well as taste.
I knew someone who was doing a PhD trying to make low calorie chocolate that tasted the same as normal choccy, but unfortunately never worked it out! Not that this would be any good on the MAV diet, but it just seems to illustrate that the characterstics of chocolate that make it so delicious are impossible to fake!

There is no substitute for chocolate.

Carob is an abomination (and has just as many calories as chocolate btw).

I eat chocolate. Doesn’t affect my migraines, just my girth :lol:

I eat dark choc and love it, so much i’d rather not go without it, I can’t tell if its a trigger .
Carrob sucks. :roll:
I can even eat the bitter dark sugarless choc and still love it, I crave it all the time, when I eat it it makes my brain relax instantly, like a menle orgasm!
Man now I want to go get some, thanks vic :lol:

I think if I could, I would mainline chocolate. I’m on the dark stuff now - milk chocolate is for babies.


Do you like dark chocolate? It goes a long way - I find I can eat less of it and be satisfied. Maybe a smaller amount might not get to your trigger threshold.

This thread is starting to read like chocoloate porn. I’m going to go and take a cold shower… :lol:

Ya lost me at ‘mental orgasm’.

LMAO :lol: You guys are hilarious!

I try to go without chocolate for a while and then end up eating an insane amount in one sitting. Thankfully I have a high metabolism and can eat whatever I want (as far as fat content goes, not triggers unfortunately). Sometimes chocolate will bring on the dizziness and sometimes not. It’s weird. I don’t really care enough not to eat it. I swear I have absolutely no control over it. It’s like my body craves it intensely! I don’t care much for candy, just chocolate! I love dark chocolate and pretty much all chocolate except white! That’s not really chocolate. It gives you that amazing euphoric feeling while eating it, it’s like nothing else matters in the world. I need to see if eating less by eating the dark does make a difference.

The only thing that sounds like it could be substituted on this forum is men for chocolate!

Maybe it is better just to give in and have small amount instead of binging on it.
I noticed that you started being dizzy after a flight. How did they decide you had MAV instead of MdDS?


I got two separate diagnosis of MAV. I told them about the flight and told them I thought it seemed odd that the dizziness started right after. Every doctor pretty much dismissed that it had anything to do with that. Maybe I should look into MdDS, as I know nothing about it really.